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George Town, the vibrant capital of Penang, Malaysia, is a fascinating city which unites Asian and British traits. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an MSC World Cruise destination, boasting spectacular temples, glorious gardens, powder-soft beaches, and colonial architecture.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including: 

• Hill and Temple Tour 

• Flora, Fauna and Spices 

• Beach, BBQ and Monkeys 

Enjoy an MSC Cruises excursion to the foot of Mt. Air Itam where you’ll visit Kek Lok Si, the giant Chinese temple renowned for its Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Here, you’ll take in an enchanting pond into which devotees release turtles for a blessing of longevity. Afterwards, ascend Penang Hill on a funicular railway to glimpse an English colonial estate. Then, stop by the magnificent Bellevue Hotel to stroll the emerald lawns, which offer a breathtaking vista over the city. 

Explore charismatic Penang Island on an MSC Cruises excursion, beginning with a scenic drive through George Town past the Governor’s official residence. Glimpse British colonial architecture before stopping at Penang Botanic Gardens where playful macaque monkeys leap through the canopies! Venturing north, visit Penang Butterfly Farm, home to thousands of butterflies, water dragons, and giant scorpions. Discover stunning waterfalls, wooden bridges, and a remarkable rock tunnel. Finally, call in at the Tropical Spice Garden, a lush conservation park boasting 11 glorious gardens. Here, you’ll browse 500 varieties of curious spices and exotic tropical herbs. 

Take an exciting MSC Cruises excursion to Penang National Park to discover remote Monkey Beach – home to cheeky and playful crab-eating macaques! After sailing on a small boat, you’ll reach a secluded bay surrounded by lush jungles where you’ll savour a delicious barbecue lunch on the shoreline. Afterwards, enjoy some leisure time at Monkey Beach exploring its stunning tropical expanse. Lie under the palm trees, swim in the crystalline waters, or stroll along the sand.

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    Suspended between past and future
    Suspended between past and future

    Malaysia has something to offer every MSC World Cruise cruiser – from heady bar- and club-hopping in the capital, historical buildings in towns rich in colonial history and countless regional delicacies, to trekking and wildlife-watching in the world’s oldest tropical rainforest and diving at some of the world’s best sites off the white-sand beaches of its many islands.

    On a cruise to Malaysia you’ll encounter much charm and beauty; its rich cultural heritage is apparent in both traditional village areas and in its commitment to religious plurality.

    The dominant cultural force is undoubtedly Islam, but the country’s diverse population of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Borneo’s indigenous tribes has created a fabulous juxtaposition of mosques, temples and churches, a panoply of festivals, and a wonderful mixture of cuisines. The Malays insist that their food combines the best flavours and dishes of the surrounding countries – and after a few meals from a sizzling street stall, you’re likely to agree.

    A First impressions of Malaysia’s high-tech, fast-growing capital, Kuala Lumpur (KL), are likely to be of a vibrant and colourful modern metropolis with gleaming skyscrapers. Pulau Langkawi is a popular, palm-fringed, duty-free island north of Penang, while routes down the Peninsula’s east coast include stops at the truly stunning islands of Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Tioman.