Safaga Cruise

Safaga Cruise

Following in the footsteps of the Pharaohs

Port Safaga (Bur Safaga in Arabic) is a village on the Red Sea coast, which you will discover on your Middle East cruise. 

The town’s economy is driven by the nearby phosphate mines.
Don’t miss the chance to go on a shore excursion and discover Luxor and the overwhelming concentration of relics in the area starting from Port Safaga.


Ever since Nile steamers began calling in the nineteenth century, visitors come to view the remains of Thebes, Ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom capital, and its associated sites. The town itself boasts Luxor Temple, a graceful ornament to its waterfront and “downtown”, while a mile or so north is Karnak Temple, a stupendous complex built over 1,300 years. Across the river are the amazing tombs and mortuary temples of the Theban Necropolis, an attraction not to be missed on yourholiday in Egypt.

Luxor Temple stands aloof in the heart of town, ennobling the view from the waterfront and Midan el-Haggag with its grand colonnades and pylons.

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