Last-minute Cruise Deals

It's never too late for a great deal!

When the urge to travel strikes unexpectedly, MSC Cruises is here to offer an unbeatable choice of last-minute cruise deals! You've dreamt of visiting that city that's topped your wish list for years or you've told yourself for months you deserve a relaxing getaway, yet you've hesitated? Not any longer! Our amazing last-minute cruise deals mean there are no more excuses holding you back.


Late cruise deals are truly irresistible and may not be available for long, so we advise you to book as soon as possible to secure a cruise at the best price. From the last cabins available on our itineraries, or those set aside specifically for last-minute travellers there is always something tailored for you!


A last-minute cruise also means planning a stress-free trip. Set off in comfort from your nearest port and sail to incredible destinations. 

Book your last-minute cruise

Final call for your dream cruise

Last-minute cruises mean instant gratification: you could be packing your suitcases and preparing to depart within hours of booking! Choose your cruise and you may be setting sail later this weekend, or next week, ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.
This is your chance, don't let it slip away wondering "what if?": explore the forthcoming itineraries in the coming days and set sail for your last-minute holiday!
That travel itch is calling, don't resist and book your last-minute cruise today!

Where will a last-minute cruise take you?

Fancy setting sail on last-minute holiday but not sure which horizons to head for? Let MSC Cruises inspire you with an astonishing range of destinations. Whether you are attracted by the historic cities of the Mediterranean or the irresistible wild nature of Northern Europe there's a late cruise deal departing soon with destinations perfectly matched to your travel aspirations!