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Feel the finesse and elegance of luxury cruises with MSC Yacht Club, an exclusive area of refined indulgence. Surround yourself in unparalleled comfort and personalized service as you embark on an astounding voyage aboard our finest ships. Discover a world where privacy meets luxury, where every detail is meticulously crafted to exceed your highest expectations. Savour the sophistication and elegance of luxury cruises from the very first step onboard. Our dedicated staff will cater to your every need, ensuring that your journey is nothing but sensational. Welcome to MSC Yacht Club, get away from it all, whilst having everything you may wish for.

Unrivaled comfort and exquisite luxury

Experience the finest luxury accommodation during your MSC Yacht Club luxury cruise. Discover lavishly appointed suites designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of comfort with luxurious amenities and elegant touches.

Explore below all our MSC Yacht Club Suites available to book.


The MSC Yacht Club is an authentic ship within a ship: each MSC Yacht Club venue has been meticulously tailored to provide our guests with the highest standards of comfort and privacy.

Get inspired by our selection of private venues.

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Top Sail Lounge

The Top Sail Lounge, located in the MSC Yacht Club area at the forefront of the ship, offers breathtaking views alongside exceptional food and service.
As part of a luxury cruise experience, this exclusive lounge is accessible 24/7 to MSC Yacht Club guests. A complimentary bar awaits you, with premium beverages available all day, as well as delicious gourmet finger food at various times. You can enjoy live music every evening and participate in hosted events like the High Tea moment and Officer Welcome Onboard cocktail.


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MSC Yacht Club restaurant

The MSC Yacht Club Restaurant is an exclusive and private venue reserved only for you with spectacular sea views.
Embark on a culinary journey and delight in gourmet creations and five-star service. From à la carte menus with premium Mediterranean and International cuisine to a dedicated team of international chefs sourcing local premium products, everything is thought to tantalize your taste buds. Our dedicated Sommelier will be pleased to advice a food & wine pairing experience and to present the wide selection of wines.


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MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar

The MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar is a dedicated outdoor terrace where guests can savour meals and drinks all day long.
Start early morning with a wide selection of breakfast options with cereals to omelets, French toast, and fried eggs. Our waiters will take care of your every needs at the pool bar: delight with a variety of beverages such as craft cocktails, beers, wines, and for a high-end touch to your evening experience, savor a chilled glass of champagne.


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The MSC Yacht Club Grill is available on Meraviglia, Seaside and World Class ships

MSC Yacht Club Sundeck & Pool

The MSC Yacht Club Sundeck & Pool is an exclusive luxurious outdoor area with captivating swimming pool, spacious sundeck, and relaxing large hot tubs for an remarkable luxury cruise experience.
In the MSC Yacht Club you are provided with exceptional service, including fresh towels and cleaning sunglasses while enjoying the One Pool. Elegant and private cabanas are also available on selected ships.


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From its elegant suites to its round-the-clock butler service, the MSC Yacht Club offers an all-inclusive luxury cruise experience

 with privacy and exclusivity while you can enjoy all the other vibrant activities that our ship offers. 

Discover more:


Explore marvelous destinations all over the world with MSC Yacht Club, while enjoying the unique service, unrivalled comfort and exquisite luxury. The privileges of the MSC Yacht Club extend beyond the ship, discover our exclusive beach destinations with their own reserved MSC Yacht Club area.


Join the MSC Yacht Club Excursions and discover amazing hidden gems by participating in unique activities with knowledgeable local guides, specially crafted just for our valued MSC Yacht Club guests and covering a wide range of finely curated experiences and benefits.

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A ship within the ship

Which ships in the MSC Cruises fleet feature the MSC Yacht Club?

MSC Yacht Club is featured in 15 of 23 MSC Cruises ships. Book now the one that suits you best:


- MSC Bellissima

- MSC Divina

- MSC Euribia

- MSC Fantasia

- MSC Grandiosa

- MSC Meraviglia

- MSC Preziosa

- MSC Seascape

- MSC Seashore

- MSC Seaside

- MSC Seaview

- MSC Splendida

- MSC Virtuosa

- MSC World America (from 2025)

- MSC World Europa.

MSC Yacht Club a ship within a ship |MSC Cruises

MSC Yacht Club FAQ

What is the MSC Yacht Club?

The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive and private area entirely dedicated to luxury, privacy and comfort, an authentic ‘ship within a ship’ equipped with elegant suites, 24/7 butler service, and a dedicated concierge reception for your extraordinary luxury cruise experience.

In the MSC Yacht Club you will have exclusive access to refined private venues including a restaurant, lounge, pool, and sundeck, along with an all-inclusive premium drinks service. Unlimited internet access and an extensive selection of recreational and entertainment opportunities, such as the thermal area in the MSC Aurea Spa and Broadway-style theatre shows, enhance your luxury cruise journey. For your family holiday, a world of excitement awaits young travelers on board MSC cruises, from kid’s club to aquapark, guaranteeing endless amusement.

What types of suites accommodation are available in the MSC Yacht Club?

All the accommodations in the MSC Yacht Club are elegant suites specially designed to ensure you the utmost comfort and privacy. The MSC Yacht Club features a range of 8 distinct suite types, each with its own unique touch of luxury and comfort. Although not all suite types are available on every ship, you will always be able to choose from a selection of elegant and comfortable accommodations according to your own preferences.

All MSC Yacht Clubs on our ships provide refined Deluxe Suites with balconies and spacious wardrobes, as well as Royal Suites featuring direct balcony access from the bedroom and a private terrace. On Fantasia class ships, you can also choose from Grand Suites with ample living space or Executive & Family Suites with a panoramic sealed window and a separate living room.

Indulge in high-end accommodations on our newest ships, offering innovative suite choices. Meraviglia class ships boast Duplex Suites with whirlpool, located at the front of the ship for breathtaking views. On Seaside class ships, MSC Seashore and MSC Seascape also offer Owner Suites with spacious terraces and a private whirlpool and Grand Suites. Owner Suites are also available on our World-class ships, including Duplex Suites, that can be chosen either with or without a whirlpool. All our newest ships also include refined Interior Suites.

From Myform Memory mattresses to Egyptian cotton bedding and mattresses and a Dorelan pillow menu, marble bathrooms to complimentary minibars, your every need is catered to for a truly exceptional luxury cruise.

What does MSC Yacht Club include?

In the MSC Yacht Club, you can enjoy an all-inclusive luxury cruise experience with a wide range of exclusive privileges, starting with 24-hour butler service, dedicated priority check-in and check-out, and a 24-hour dedicated concierge. Drinks are also included with the Premium Extra Drink package, not only in the MSC Yacht Club but also throughout the ship. This allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages at various locations such as the buffet, main restaurant, specialty restaurants, and onboard bars. Wi-Fi connection is available for the entire duration of the cruise with the Browse Cruise package for two devices per person.

Gourmet dining awaits at the private MSC Yacht Club restaurant, with flexible dining times. The Top Sail Lounge offers nightly live music, while the Panoramic Top Sail Lounge provides a bar, afternoon tea service, and light food selection for 20 hours a day.

All MSC Yacht Club suites are situated on the foredecks of the ship to ensure you exceptional comfort with room service available 24/7. You can benefit from unlimited access to the thermal area in the MSC Aurea SPA for your complete relaxation. You can also take advantage of spa discounts, specialty restaurant packages, open-air sports facilities, Kid’s Club, aquapark, and diverse programs of Broadway and Las Vegas-style theater shows.

Are drinks included in the MSC Yacht Club?

Yes, the MSC Yacht Club includes the Premium Extra Drink package. This package includes all beverages priced up to 14€/16USD and is available at all onboard bars, buffet, main restaurant, and specialty restaurants, as well as on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and other exclusive MSC destinations, according to what’s on offer in each venue.

Within every MSC Yacht Club suite, you'll find a delightful mini-bar that is replenished daily. Treat yourself to complimentary beverages from the mini-bar and unwind with your preferred drink in the luxurious ambiance of your suite. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of beverages, from soft drinks such as juices, sodas or iced tea, bottled water and beers.

Which internet package is included in the MSC Yacht Club?

MSC Yacht Club Guests benefit from the Browse internet package, with unlimited data valid for two devices per person for the entire duration of the cruise. This package allows you to: :


  • Browse the web.
  • Send and receive emails and images.
  • Chat on messenger apps (e.g. WhatsApp).

Once onboard, you can also choose to upgrade the Browse internet package to the Browse and Stream package, available for an additional fee.

What are MSC Yacht Club Excursions? How can I book them?

MSC Yacht Club excursions are exclusively curated for our MSC Yacht Club guests. They allow exploring hidden wonders, engaging in unique activities with local experts ensuring MSC Yacht Club guests a full immersion blending luxury, exclusivity, and premium privileges.

MSC Yacht Club Excursions cover a wide range of finely curated experiences to suit guests’ preferences. Expect voyages to desirable locations, upscale adventures, authentic cuisine packed with traditional flavours, paradisical beach getaways at high-end resorts, enlightening arts and craft workshops filled with local knowledge, and storied architectural visits to stimulate the mind.

MSC Yacht Club excursions are bookable online through the "My MSC Area" before cruising, by phone with our Contact Center team or through your travel agent. Onboard, your butler or the concierge will be specifically trained to assist you with the booking process giving the best advice based on your expectations.

What is the dress code for the MSC Yacht Club? Are there themed parties I shall specifically pack for?

The dress code may vary depending on the venue and the time of the day.

Top Sail Lounge - Dress code

To fully appreciate the exclusive ambiance of the Top Sail Lounge, dressing appropriately in the lounge is highly recommended.


  • By day: Casual clothing, including t-shirts and tops, is perfectly acceptable, but we kindly request that you do not wear swimwear at any given time.
  • By night: Smart casual attire is required for entry to the Top Sail Lounge. Feel free to wear dresses, skirts, long pants, jeans, and button-down tops. However, please avoid wearing shorts and flip flops.


MSC Yacht Club Restaurant - Dress code

To preserve the exceptional ambiance of this private restaurant we kindly ask you to dress in a way that complements its exclusiveness.

  • By day: Feel at ease in casual wear, including t-shirts and tops, but to maintain a respectful atmosphere, we kindly request that swimwear not be worn at any time.
  • By night: We kindly ask that you dress in smart casual attire. This includes options such as dresses, skirts, long pants, jeans, and button-down tops. However, please avoid shorts and flip flops.
  • For Gala evenings: Dress elegantly and glamorously for your onboard photo with sophisticated outfits such as cocktail dresses, skirts, slacks, designer jeans, elegant dress tops, blazers, or even tuxedo suits and gowns.

MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar - Dress code

Wear your bathing costumes, t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and sunglasses as you please. Just remember that topless bathing is not allowed in this family-friendly area.

Can you  bring external Guests such as family or friends staying in the main ship in the MSC Yacht Club area?

No. Access to the MSC Yacht Club is exclusive to its members, and therefore, you cannot bring along family or external friends. However, you and your friends and family can meet outside of the MSC Yacht Club and come together to experience the countless activities available on board an MSC cruise.

Is the MSC Yacht Club luggage allowance higher compared to regular Guests?

Yes. You have the advantage of unlimited luggage allowance as a member of the MSC Yacht Club.

Are children and infants allowed in the MSC Yacht Club?

Yes, MSC Cruises is a family-friendly company. All children, regardless of age, are invited to join the MSC Yacht Club, and can participate in all the kids’ activities available on the ship.

How to join the MSC Yacht Club? Shall you need to register to the MSC Yacht Club?

There is no registration required to be part of the MSC Yacht Club. You become a member of the MSC Yacht Club from the moment you book your MSC Yacht Club luxury cruise and will thus benefit from all the privileges and benefits that go with it during your holiday.

As a MSC Yacht Club guest do you collect more MSC Voyagers Club points than other experiences?

Yes, MSC Yacht Club is MSC Cruises’ most rewarding experience:


  • For cruises less than 5 nights or 6 days, you will earn 800 MSC Voyagers Club points.
  • If your cruise ranges from 5 to 9 nights or 6 to 10 days, you will earn 1,500 MSC Voyagers Club points.
  • If your cruise is longer than 10 nights or 11 days, you will earn 2,000 MSC Voyagers Club points.

How to upgrade to the MSC Yacht Club?

If you have not yet booked your cruise, you are still in time to elevate your cruise experience with the MSC Yacht Club and enter a world of luxury, simply selecting your preferred MSC Yacht Club suite on our website when confirming your reservation with us.

If you have already booked your cruise
, you may upgrade thanks to the MSC Upgrade program. Once your payment is completed, you may receive an email from us offering information on how to upgrade your accommodation to an MSC Yacht Club suite.

Can upgraded Guests to the MSC Yacht Club collect MSC Voyagers Club points in the same way as other MSC Yacht Club Guests? 

Yes, Guests who have paid for an upgrade to the MSC Yacht Club will receive their MSC Voyagers Club points accordingly, after the cruise.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • **MSC Yacht Club guests are entitled to one free cruise change, applicable either on the cruise dates or on the destination. Such change needs to be performed up to 30 calendar days before departure, for a new cruise to sail within 90 calendar days from the original departure. Any cruise change shall be requested through MSC Book or our contact centers.
  • Possibility to organise tailor made excursions depending from itineraries.
  • For more information about the premium extra drink package please click here