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As we continue to grow and improve our fleet, there’s a huge range of unique features for our guests to explore on every MSC cruise ship.
Blending classic elegance and cutting-edge innovation, our cruise ships offer the utmost in comfort, dining, innovation, entertainment, and onboard experience. Our newest, cruise ships also demonstrate our commitment to lower impact tourism, with onboard technology that focuses on mitigating our impact on nature.

Browse, explore, and choose a ship from the MSC Cruises fleet today, and discover a spectacular way to sail the seas.


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MSC technology at the service of the art of hospitality

MSC for Me has been designed to meet our guests needs today and in the future and enhances every aspect the MSC holiday experience. Through the most innovative technology solutions MSC for Me interconnects guests, crew and ship so your time on board is literally in your hands.
Available for guests travelling on all ships except for MSC Armonia, MSC Lirica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera, MSC Orchestra and MSC Preziosa.
The MSC for Me program is also available on MSC Splendida, however it has reduced program features.
Coming soon on MSC World America.

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MSC for ME


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Innovative energy-saving and water-recycling systems installed on our latest ships

We have great respect for the world’s oceans and while we sail an increasing number of guests across the globe, we continuously aim to reduce our impact on the environment per passenger. Through the use of modern technology and environmentally friendly actions, we are striving to lower the environmental impact of our cruises. From using the cleaner marine fuels, to efficiency-enhancing technology, to our advanced onboard recycling systems, we strongly believe that we have increased responsibility towards the environment.

Therefore, we are continuously working to reduce our impact on the environment, and optimize our cruise itineraries to help reduce fuel consumption.

One of the ways to save fuel is by lowering water resistance. MSC Cruises uses an anti-fouling paint on the hulls of all of its ships to prevent hull fouling and substantially reduce drag.

Each ship in the MSC Cruises fleet has an environmental officer who is responsible for all environmental aspects on board. All recycling and waste management activities are carefully monitored.

MSC Cruises has been forward-looking in the way it has built its ships and ready them for future rules and regulations. Our engines are already certified for the future NOX emissions standards, and are in compliance with latest IMO-MARPOL Annex VI requirement. In addition, some of our ships are equipped with exhaust cleaning systems, to reduce SOx emissions released from the main engine.

Our optimized ballast water management system also complies with the latest IMO guidelines aimed at minimizing environmental impact.

Eco ship