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Explore the port of San Sebastián in La Gomera with MSC Cruises on a Atlantic cruise holiday. Escape to the sunshine of Spain’s Canary Islands with an MSC cruise to La Gomera, and find out how to live life at a slower pace.


The town’s appealing, historical quarter is a pleasure to explore on foot, with shaded plazas and pedestrian-friendly streets, where you can still stop as Columbus did on his way to the New World, and pick up some of the delicious local goat’s cheese, as well as some locally produced palm oil, and a tub or two of the spicy almogrote cheese spread, yum.


Do head for the beaches and their superb water sports facilities, but don’t forget the central Garajonay National Park. With its 40 square kilometres of pure biodiversity that are ideal for outdoor pursuits, and that feature countless trails from the lower pine woods right up to the laurel cloud forest at an elevation of nearly 1,500 metres.  La Gomera’s deep ravines have also given rise to an ancient and unique whistled language, called silbo, that was widely practised in the days before telephones and that is experiencing a revival since it became part of the island’s school curriculum. Further up in the north, you can travel to dense, lovingly-tended banana plantations on hand-built terraces, while at Los Órganos, amazing ocean-pounded cliffs that resemble organ pipes can be visited by boat from the island’s northernmost tip. Just pick up the phone to book and then live it, with all the time in the world, Mediterranean-style.

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