Corner Brook Cruise

Corner Brook Cruise
A Fishing Village in the Middle of the Woods

Overlooking the icy waters of the Humber River in the Bay of Islands, and surrounded by the largest mountains in Newfoundland is Corner Brook, one of Canada's most beautiful towns and the next stop on your MSC Cruise.

Corner Brook is small, with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, but it is full of charm. It is the perfect place for those who love nature, walking in the open air and hiking in the woods. Near the city, there are amazing wooded areas ideal for walks through lush, pristine nature, where you can observe and meet up-close some of the animal species typical of the area.
Cox's Cove is also worth a visit for its breathtakingview and waterfalls. A small fishing village, it was founded in the 1840s and is located on Middle Arm, a large bay off the Bay of Islands, not far from Corner Brook.
One of the magical moments on your journey with MSC Cruises will be a visit to Gros Morne National Park, on the west coast of Newfoundland. This park contains some of the most spectacular scenery in eastern Canada, as well as a series of unique geological features, including mountains shaped by the glaciers that have contributed to its inclusion as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the top of the Gros Morne Mountains, you can admire the spectacular view of the plateaus and observe the tranquility of the fishing villages enclosed between high cliffs and steepfjords. This park is the perfect place for immersing yourself in Canadian nature, discovering arctic hares, black bears, lynx and caribou.