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Land of the Midnight Sun, Fjords and Icebergs

Greenland, a formidable landscape with nearly 95% of the country covered by the Greenland Ice Sheet, is a destination well worth exploring on an MSC Northern Europe cruise. Greenland is the world’s largest island and it’s located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Roundtrip cruises to Greenland depart from Warnemunde and include sea days for scenic viewing, popular ports of call in Greenland and Iceland, as well as visits to the United Kingdom and Denmark.   

On your Greenland cruise you will visit the ports of Nuuk, Illulissat and Qaqortoq and transit the beautiful Prince Christian Sound.
Nuuk, the capital of Greenland is located on the southwest coast of the island. Home to a vibrant lifestyle with restaurants and boutiques, the port city is mix of old traditions and modern culture. 
Illulissat, in the northern part of the country is the land of the icebergs, the crackling and rumbling sounds of which can be heard throughout the town, never letting you forget the beauty that surrounds it. The massive icebergs can best be seen while exploring Disko Bay. 

Qaqortoq, rises steeply above the fjords of the city and is the largest town in Southern Greenland. Visiting the hot springs is a popular attraction in Southern Greenland and it is here where you can find the only outdoor heated spa in the country. Relaxing in the warm waters surrounded by views of icebergs and mountain peaks may give new meaning to the “perfect beach day.” 

In addition to these quaint ports of call where you can meander through fishing villages, explore the fjords, learn the traditional Inuit culture of the native people and hear stories from the Viking Age. Greenland cruises 2023-2024 also includes scenic sailing through Prince Christian Sound. This unmissable highlight can be observed from, from your cabin’s balcony or on the ship’s open decks. As you enter the waterway, your cruise ship will slowly navigate through the fjords system where steep mountains reaching over 1200 meters tower around you. There is one village located in the Prince Christian Sound, Aappilattoq, whose brightly coloured cottages stand out in contrast with the white icebergs that surround you.

Start looking for your ideal Northern Europe itinerary to Greenland today, and enjoy a truly memorable cruising experience with MSC Cruises.

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