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Unexplored Nature and Beautifully Preserved Harbour Towns

Croatia is a surprisingly varied country offering visitors a combination of history and rugged, natural beauty.

The MSC Croatia cruise 2024 and 2025 season keeps guests constantly engaged with visits to perfectly preserved Roman and medieval monuments, picturesque hamlets, beaches with the clearest water, and natural parks with impressive waterfalls and green lakes — in short, all the ingredients for a dream holiday.
Choose a Croatia Cruise and you will discover all the intrinsic beauty that this country has to offer, starting with Dubrovnik, the city whose beauty has earned it the title “Pearl of the Adriatic”. What’s more, Dubrovnik’s old town centre is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s not surprising that Irish writer George Bernard Shaw said about this gem, “If you want to see a paradise on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” 

No less fascinating is Split, the main town of Dalmatia. In 305 AD this town won the heart of the Roman emperor Diocletian, who decided to build a residence where he would spend the rest of his life. Diocletian’s Palace is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site. And those who love breath-taking beaches will adore Zadar, which is renowned for its wonderfully limpid sea. 

Croatia also boasts a host of natural parks in which to admire amazing landscapes. With treks accessible to all ages, you can take the opportunity to connect with nature in Plitvice Lakes Natural Park, situated on the mountain complex of Lička Plješivica. Here, amidst forests, lakes and waterfalls, visitors can enjoy excursions on foot, by bike, by boat, or by tour train. 

Available on many of our Mediterranean packages, an unforgettable holiday aboard an MSC Croatia cruise is only clicks away. 

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Join us for our Croatia cruise 2024 - 2025 season, easily accessed by several conveniently located ports around Croatia.
From the UK, accessing MSC Emirates cruises is as easy as choosing whether you’d like to start in Dubrovnik, Split, or Zadar.
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