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The atmosphere of Old Port
The unmistakable Notre-Dame de la Garde

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Colours and joy of a multiethnic city

A journey to discover one of the most lively and colorful cities in Lower Provence. With an MSC Mediterranean Cruise, you'll get lost in the narrow streets and squares of Marseille, bathed in sunshine and ruffled by the Mistral. The atmosphere in this great city of Provence, the ancient province of south-east France, will be different from that of the rest of the country. Enjoy it!

An MSC Cruise to Provence will fascinate you with its multiculturalism, its monuments and museums, its coves and countless small restaurants, moreover with the bright colors that characterise all of Provence.
One of the MSC Excursions will bring you to the beating heart of the city: the Old Port, since its establishment by the Greeks, the hub of Marseille's life. You will feel protected by the two "sentinels" of the sea, the fortress of St-Jean and that of Saint Nicolas, while the Pavilion, by the architect Foster, and the panoramic wheel will suddenly catapult you into the present. Don't forget to slowly sip a Pastis, sitting on the shore of the Port, to capture the spirit of the people around you.
You must take part in the MSC Excursion that will take you to the square of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde. Slowly climb up this staircase to reach the entrance to the cathedral dedicated to the Bonne-Mère, sit between the benches and gaze upwards to dis-cover that dozens of small boats and wooden planes hang from the ceiling to symbolise that the Virgin is also the patron saint of sailors. The site is priceless as is the view of Marseille and the sea.
Just outside Marseille, Aix-en-Provence awaits you, the destination of an MSC Excursion, which will impress you with its stunning beauty. The route through the city will guide you to Aix Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur), with its precious medieval art treasures; dating back to the 16th century, this complex of structures is worth visiting for its splendid Romanesque cloisters, and for the western entrances of the cathedral, which depict scenes and symbols from the Bible. You will then be welcomed by the royal Mazarin quarter, built by Archbishop Mazarin, brother of the cardinal who governed France, to host the house of the nobility. A leisurely walk will complement these visits.

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    Reach the port

    Port of Marseille

    Find out how to get to the port of Marseille and find parking information.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Embarkation stands at MPCT,
    Môle Léon Gourret (Gate 4)

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      From highway A7, reach the A55 (« Autoroute du Littoral »): take gate 4 and follow the signs towards cruise terminal.
    • Train

      Arriving at Marseille Saint-Charles train station, you can take a taxi to the cruise terminal (15-20 minutes). 
      We suggest you not to take a bus as they stop far from the cruise terminal.
    • Plane

      Marseille Provence airport is located around 20 km far from the port.
      You may reach the cruise terminal by taxi.


    A discrete and slightly snobbish charm
    A discrete and slightly snobbish charm

    A holiday to southern France will take you to heaven. This Garden of Eden encompasses the snow-peaked lower Alps and their foothills, which in the east descend right to the sea, and to the west extend almost to the Rhône.

    The coastal hinterland is made up of range after range of steep, forested hills, while the shore is an ever-changing series of geometric bays giving way to chaotic outcrops of glimmering rock and deep, narrow inlets, like miniature fjords – the calanques. All these elements would count for nothing, however, were it not for the magical Mediterranean light. At its best in spring and autumn, it is both soft and brightly theatrical, as if some expert had rigged the lighting for each landscape for maximum colour and definition with minimum glare. A cruise to southern France is a good opportunity to visit the capital of the Riviera, Nice – a vibrant and intriguing blend of Italianate influence, faded Belle Époque splendour and first-class art.

    East of the city, the lower Corniche links the picturesque seafront towns of Villefranche, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Beaulieu; the higher roads offer some of the most spectacular coastal driving in Europe, en route to the perched village of Èze and the tiny principality of Monaco. The Riviera’s western half claims its best beaches – at jazzy Juan-les-Pins and at Cannes, a glitzy centre of designer shopping and film.