Several thousand years of activity, both human and natural, have helped shape Marseille, France, into the city it is today. Sailing into the port provides a view of its curved coastline and mountainous border, opening Marseille to the Mediterranean and beyond, ensuring its standing as a prominent cultural crossroads.

Marseille’s terracotta rooftops, turquoise sea, limestone rocks and vivid street art form a landscape like no other in France. Even as France’s second-largest city, locals liken it to 111 villages. The best way to visit Marseille is with a guide who can further unlock its riches.

MSC shore excursions let you discover tucked-away treasures like the model boats that hang from the ceiling of Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. Snap photos of the Cathedral of Marseille that sits overlooking the ocean. Amble around Le Vieux-Port, admiring the sea views and lingering over a drink at a cafe terrace. Behold the Palais Longchamp, built to commemorate the arrival of water to Marseille. View the limestone cliffs that beckon nature-lovers to Calanques National Park.

On your Marseille holiday, we make it easy to experience Provence heritage. Marvel at medieval ramparts in Avignon. Plunge into the port of Cassis. Admire the honey-coloured stone facades in Aix-en-Provence.

MSC Cruises’ Marseille tours are led by passionate guides who love sharing knowledge. These local experts bring the surroundings to life on a range of Marseille excursions, creating long-lasting memories.


Discover Marseille’s many treasures with our Marseille tours. Come ashore to learn why France’s oldest city is a feast for the senses, as local guides bring the city to life and reveal its stories. Better than a guidebook, MSC shore excursions are an unmissable part of any cruise itinerary.

Marseille tours, Notre Dame de la Garde | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, Le Vieux Port | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, La Corniche | MSC Cruises

Explore France’s oldest port on a Marseille city tour

Traverse over 2,600 years of history on a Marseille city tour. Reach great heights at Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, a show-stopping structure with a 360-degree view. Wander the winding streets of Le Panier, where Provençal pastel facades are peppered with street art.


Follow the seagulls to the fish market on the Vieux-Port, the lively harbour lined with pleasure boats. Hug the shores of the Mediterranean on the famous La Corniche coastal road. Submerge yourself in the story of water’s arrival in Marseille at the ornate Palais Longchamp.

Marseille tours, Saint-Sauveur Cathedral | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, Aix-en-Provence | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, Aix-en-Provence | MSC Cruises

Take a stroll through history in charming Aix-en-Provence

Although only 30 kilometres from Marseille, Aix-en-Provence feels like another world entirely. As Provence’s former capital, the city features a wealth of exquisite Baroque architecture in its centre. Marvel at the soaring naves and organ at Saint-Sauveur Cathedral.


Stroll the tree-lined Cours Mirabeau and stately Mazarin Quarter, whose trickling fountains and golden facades have enchanted Aix’s residents since the 17th century. Like Cézanne, the local artist enchanted by the Provençal vistas, you’re sure to be won over by Aix’s beauty.

Marseille tours, Cassis | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, Cassis | MSC Cruises
Marseille tours, Cassis | MSC Cruises

Discover the picturesque port and pastel houses of Cassis

Leave Marseille’s lively scenes for the laid-back vibes of Cassis. Once a quaint fishing village, this beloved town is tucked away in a beautiful cove surrounded by beach pines and some of France’s oldest vineyards. Stroll past wooden boats around the port and boutiques, galleries and cafes in the old town’s meandering streets.


Head to the pebbly beaches to bask in the sun and fabulous views, including those of France’s tallest sea cliff, Cap Canaille. Take a walk through nature at Calanques National Park, found just to the west of town.

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Like the ancient Greek sailors who founded Marseille over 2,600 years ago, you’re sure to be captivated by this Mediterranean port. Discover the heritage, striking contrasts and diversity of France’s oldest city, and after exploring Marseille, your Mediterranean adventure continues. Peruse great Italian ports, such as Sicily and Sardinia, or head west to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. All these sun-kissed Mediterranean gems and many more can be explored when you book a Marseille cruise.

Why choose MSC Shore Excursions to Marseille

Discover Marseille’s many treasures with our Marseille tours. Come ashore to learn why France’s oldest city is a feast for the senses, as local guides bring the city to life and reveal its stories. Better than a guidebook, MSC shore excursions are an unmissable part of any cruise itinerary.


In which language Marseille excursions are conducted?

MSC Shore Excursions in Marseille can be provided in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) based on guide availability. We'll confirm the final language during your cruise.

Are Marseille tours always available to be booked?

Due to their popularity, some Marseille excursions may not always be available. For this reason, we strongly recommend booking your Marseille tour in advance to ensure availability.

Can Marseille excursion programme be changed?

The excursion programme only provides an overview of the tours that can be arranged in Marseille. The final tour descriptions and prices will be confirmed on board. MSC Shore Excursions programs and itineraries may vary due to local conditions or unforeseen events, which may impact the timing of the tour. Also, the program is subject to change in compliance with local regulations or other restrictions.

How can I reach the centre of Marseille?

When you’re travelling with MSC Cruises, it couldn’t be easier to reach the centre of Marseille to enjoy its many historic sights. Many of our shore excursions transport guests directly to the city centre, making things as smooth as possible. Our Marseille City Tour features sightseeing in the heart of the city, including popular attractions like the atmospheric Vieux-Port (the Old Port – lined with cafes and restaurants) and opulent Palais Longchamp. Sights just outside of the city centre are also covered, such as Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, perched high on a hilltop overlooking the city. Another option is our Marseille Walking Tour, beginning with a shuttle ride from the ship to the city centre, followed by an informative guided walk. Stroll through the Old Town and past Marseille City Hall and Fort Saint-Jean, a 17th-century defensive complex, before being driven back to the ship. If you prefer to explore on two wheels, book our Cycle Through Marseille excursion, which lets you glide around the city centre and beyond on a bike tour. The route is around 30 kilometres, covering areas such as the Vieux-Port and the Pharo Garden, before some free time for shopping or relaxing. Book on to a Marseille shore excursion to make the most of this exciting city.

How can I see the lavender fields in Provence?

Summer is the best time to visit Provence’s famous lavender fields (from late-June until mid-August, with July seen as the peak viewing month), as this is when the sweeping carpets of lilac flowers will be in full bloom. There are various regions across Provence where it’s possible to view lavender, but the most popular (mainly due to the number of lavender fields they house) are the Valensole Plateau, Luberon and Sault. MSC Cruises offer an excursion to see the lavender fields of Valensole from Marseille. On this tour, guests are transported directly from the cruise terminal to the Valensole Plateau, regarded as one of the most beautiful areas for lavender across the entire region of Provence. Guests will have the chance to learn more about lavender production in the area by meeting a local lavender producer, who will discuss the history and processes behind this skilled profession. After taking in the scenery and the unique scents, guests will get to soak up the atmosphere of Valensole itself, a traditional French town. This excursion makes visiting Provence’s lavender fields an easy and enriching experience.

How long does it take to get from Marseille to Cassis?

Cassis, hometown of the world-famous liquor of the same name, is a picturesque fishing village that’s slowly become a much-loved destination thanks to its surrounding natural beauty, idyllic beaches and relaxed Provencal atmosphere. MSC Cruises offer an excursion directly to Cassis from Marseille via a scenic 90-minute coach journey. After being dropped off by the coach, guests will then ride the famous ‘little train of Cassis’ into the town centre, before enjoying a generous amount of free time on their own to experience the charms of Cassis. These include its beautiful harbour (take some time to admire the ocean views), pristine beaches, and continental-style cafes and restaurants – make sure to sample a glass of the famous blackcurrant liqueur. For a more active experience, journey out to Calanques National Park for hiking trails. The excursion finishes with a return journey back to the coach on the local train, before guests are driven back to the cruise terminal.