MSC Cruises now offers the formula FLY AND CRUISE with dedicated package pricing. 

MSC Cruises, in partnership with Turkish Airlines, grant you a fantastic opportunity to fly from Warsaw and embark on MSC SPLENDIDA from Istanbul (Turkey). 

Based on the flight schedules you will need a 1 night in pre or post hotel staying in Istanbul. 

In such cases, prices for the hotel and relative transfers are already included in the Bundle prices here with attached. 

Package Prices including cruise, hotel and transfers starting from € 1179 per person

The hotel will be in pre or post cruise, based on the flight details, and specifically: 

HOTEL STAY PRE-CRUISE: 05/05/2023, 16/07/2023, 30/08/2023, 08/09/2023, 17/09/2023 

HOTEL STAY POST-CRUISE: 10/06/2023, 19/06/2023, 06/07/2023, 03/08/2023, 21/08/2023, 05/10/2023 

Products available : MSC SPLENDIDA from Istanbul from following dates 05/05/2023, 10/06/2023, 19/06/2023, 06/07/2023, 16/07/2023, 03/08/2023, 21/08/2023, 30/08/2023, 08/09/2023, 17/09/2023, 05/10/2023, 13/10/2023

Moreover, the same package can be booked with drink included! 

Terms and Conditions

• Cruise & flight (ticket issued ) – always 100% fees on flight item.

• Cruise & flight(ticket not issued) – standard T&C cxl fees is applied (Please contact your travel agency in case of discrepancies). 

Important Notes: The Booking flexibility is applicable only in case of tickets not issued. The “CRUISE MOVE” possibility is not applicable on the flight portion, in case of flight change the cancellation fee applies.