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MSC Cruises and Lego

Kids all over the world know and love LEGO® bricks. But did you know that the name LEGO is an abbreviation of the two Danish words: “leg godt”, meaning “play well”?
That’s why we have chosen The LEGO Group as an exclusive entertainment partner: we want to give all the children who cruise with us the chance to play with the best toys in the most fun environment.


Try your hand at building your very own MSC ship

and share your creations with us!


MSC Cruises and LEGO have teamed up to designed colourful and stimulating new play areas on board our cruise ships - something you won’t find anywhere else on the seas. Every day, kids from 3 to 11 years of age can play with a great selection of LEGO bricks and equipment in our Mini and Juniors Clubs.
What’s more, once during every cruise we hold a special entertainment event called the LEGO® Experience On Board: an entire day dedicated to fun LEGO activities for the Kids to enjoy. And with a range of LEGO toys on sale on board each of our ships, you can give your kids the opportunity to express their creativity whenever and wherever they want!

The LEGO Group has designed new play areas on MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica which have been renewed and lengthened under MSC Cruises’ ambitious Renaissance Programme. LEGO Play Areas are also available on MSC Bellissima, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Virtuosa, MSC Seashore, MSC Seascape and MSC World Europa.

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  • DUPLO® Play Pen

    Age: Under 5

    Description: Children compete to create the best construction.

    Equipment: DUPLO bricks

  • LEGO® Bricks free

    Age: 5 - 11

    Description: Children play freely with LEGO bricks, solo or in teams.

    Equipment: LEGO bricks.

  • Building Happening

    Age: 6 - 11

    Description: Two teams will compete to create the most impressive construction. The activity is both for children only and for children and parents. There will be dedicated times for both competitions during the LEGO event.

    Equipment: LEGO bricks

  • LEGO® Vertical play wall

    Age: 7 - 11

    Description: A challenge between girls and boys. The aim of the game is to be fastest to complete the figure on the Play Wall.

    Equipment: LEGO Vertical Play Wall and LEGO brick

  • LEGO® Tech Experience

    Age: 7 - 11

    Description: Free play with the newest games from Play Station, Wii and XBox, all branded LEGO.

    Equipment: Wii/X-Box/Play Station LEGO games.

Partnership, Activities On Board | MSC Cruises and LEGO

LEGO Master Builder

  • A special day
    At the end of the on board LEGO Experience day children will enjoy a funny show with Doremi and Sailor mascot.
  • A special parade
    Once per cruise children will have fun during the LEGO Experience day and the parade in the theatre.
  • Master builder diploma
    Become a Junior LEGO Master Builder!
    At the end of the LEGO® Experience Day each child will receive a diploma certifying that he/she is now a Junior LEGO Master Builder.
Partnership, LEGO Master Builder | MSC Cruises and LEGO

LEGO On Board

  • Onboard LEGO® play area
    MSC Cruises is the only cruise company to have LEGO ® play areas onboard.
    There are two play areas on board of MSC Armonia:
    MINI CLUB: at the deck 11, for 3-6 years old
    JUNIORS CLUB: at the deck 12, for 7- 11 years old
  • Everyday with LEGO®
    Every day the possibility of free play with LEGO® bricks and all the LEGO equipment.
  • Meet the Sailor Walk Mascot
    The Sailor Walk About is the official LEGO mascot onboard.
    There will be one on each ship and he will interact with the Doremi Family already on board. The two-metre LEGO Sailor will take part in the parades and the family events, for example the Talent Show and also meet and greet the children.
  • The LEGO® toys sold on board

    The LEGO toys are already available fleet wide at LEGO corners on board.


    • The Lirica Class has the toys in the LOGO SHOP
      or in the DUTY FREE
    • The Musica Class has a LEGO® corner in the LOGO SHOP
      or in the DUTY FREE
    • The Fantasia Class has a corner in the CANDY SHOP
      or in the DUTY FREE
    • The Seaside class has a Lego Corner in the LOGO SHOP
      or in the DUTY FREE
    • The Meraviglia class has a Lego Corner in the LOGO SHOP
      or in the DUTY FREE
    • The world Class has a Lego Corner in the LOGO SHOP


    The following toys can be purchased in our LEGO® corners, of course what is available is subject to variation: DUPLO, CITY, ARCHITECTURE, FRIENDS, SPEED CHAMPIONS , DISNEY, CREATOR, POLICE, STAR WARS , NINJAGO, SUPER MARIO, HARRY POTTER.

  • Projects for the future

    LEGO and MSC will also partner for MSC new ships construction.

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