Inhaca - Portugues Island Cruise

Untouched beaches and crystal clear sea

The Island of Inhaca, a property of the British crown located about twenty miles from the port of Maputo, gifts MSC cruise-goers to Southern Africa one of the most Caribbean-like locations. Palm trees, spotless beaches, turquoise waters and a coral reed will greet you as soon as you disembark from your cruise ship.

The island, which guards the entrance to Delago Bay, is an extension of the strip of sand that encloses the gulf in front of the capital of Mozambique. During your holiday, you will understand why its beauty has been renowned at least since the mid-20th century, when it was decided to transform a good portion of the island’s interior into a forest reserve.
On Inhaca, regardless of whether you prefer the land or the sea, you will not be disappointed. The sea life off the island is marvellous and abundant: sea tortoises, dolphins, and colourful tropical fish, which live among the corals or wonder between the roots of the mangrove forests. A spectacle that is accessible both to scuba diving adepts and to those who dedicate themselves exclusively to snorkelling. A visit to the village of Inhaca, a few hundred meters from the beach, may also prove interesting.
Here you will find the local market, where you can purchase local craftwork and souvenirs, as well as bars and restaurants offering the flavourful fish-based local cuisine. The nearby Portuguese Island is completely uninhabited. It is not as rich in vegetation but still in line with the idea of a desert island. It can be reached with a quick ride in a motor boat or in a traditional show, boats with a triangular sail that have served as the primary means of transport along the entire African coast, to the Red Sea, The Gulf and India, for centuries.

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