Invergordon Cruise

Invergordon Cruise
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The port of Invergordon stands on the shores of Cromarty Firth, an inlet in Scotland's Northwest Highland region. This MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination reveals an extraordinary Easter Ross town, known for its stunning summits, gentle green slopes, colourful murals, and historical architecture.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

• Loch Ness and its Mystery Creature
• Highland Castles: Cawdor, Urquhart, and Dunrobin
• Glenmorangie Whisky and Royal Dornoch

Travel south of Invergordon, on an MSC Cruises excursion, to the banks of beautiful Loch Ness. The fascinating story of Nessie (the monster that supposedly lurks in the deep dark water) has captured the imagination of millions! Legend has it that the creature is a small plesiosaur — a long-necked marine reptile now considered extinct. Grab your camera and keep your eyes peeled, as you soak up the scenery and the mysterious atmosphere.

Scotland is a country steeped in history — home to ancient villages, inimitable culture, and breathtaking landscapes. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll experience the beauty of some of the Highland’s greatest castles including medieval Cawdor, 13th-century Urquhart, and the majestic Dunrobin.

The charming village of Tain, north of Invergordon, is birthplace to some of Scotland’s iconic single-malt whisky brands. On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll visit the 19th-century Glenmorangie distillery where you’ll learn about the production of this award-winning liquor. Next, visit the 12th-century town of Dornoch, home of the famous Royal Dornoch Golf Club. Wander through the historical centre, relax on the sandy beach, or enjoy the warm hospitality offered up by the locals.

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