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If you fancy a voyage to the edge of the world, there’s no better place than Hammerfest located on Norway’s dramatic Finnmark coastline. More than 600 miles above the Arctic Circle, Hammerfest stakes its claim as the northernmost town in the world — a land of dazzling aurora borealis displays and 24-hour sunshine.
Enveloped by staggering mountains and edged by sandy beaches, this historic harbour town is a wonder in all seasons. 
An MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination, Hammerfest offers plenty of opportunities to explore its urban centre and the surrounding pristine wilderness. 

Select an unforgettable tour from a list of MSC Cruises excursions including:

• Polar Bear Club
• Museum of Reconstruction
• Sami Camp on Foot

For those wanting to familiarise themselves with Hammerfest’s history, a visit to the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society is a must. This compact museum offers a fascinating glimpse into life across the decades with its collection of taxidermy animals, information about Arctic hunting, and gallery of photographs. 
By becoming a member of this remote society, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of proof — the perfect memento to take back home. Located on the coastal steamer pier, the venue offers a well-stocked gift shop filled with charming souvenirs the whole family will love.

Alternatively, the Museum of Reconstruction delivers a highly emotive retelling of Hammerfest’s tragic destruction during World War II. Through a collection of exhibits, you’ll discover how the town was razed to the ground by Nazi forces and then rebuilt from the ashes to start anew.

Budding anthropologists can immerse themselves in native Arctic culture with a visit to the Sámi Camp. Sit around a fire in a hand-built turf hut and learn about age-old traditions and life on the land.
Listen to chanting, enjoy indigenous stories, and sample classic Sámi delicacies including dried reindeer meat, cloudberry jam, and smoked salmon. Afterwards, ascend to new heights at the Salen mountain lookout which offers spectacular views of the harbour and town.

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