Trondheim Cruise

Trondheim Cruise

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Trondheim, standing at the mouth of the River Nidelva on the southern shores of a spectacular fjord, is the third-most populated city in Norway. This MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination is celebrated for its atmospheric historical town, the capital of the country during the Viking period.

MSC Cruises excursions
 offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

• The Striking Nidaros Cathedral
• Hiking Tour in Bymarka
• Sverresborg Trøndelag: Open Air Folk Museum

Trondheim is home to the Nidaros Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece built between 1070 and 1300 over the burial site of Saint Olav, the infamous Nordic Viking. Visit this stunning edifice on an MSC Cruises excursion and admire the bell tower, the sculptures, and the stained-glass windows. Restored many times over the centuries, the Nidaros Cathedral stands as testimony to the ancient history of Trondheim. Inside, discover awe-inspiring altars, rows of regal columns, and a monumental pipe organ.

Take an MSC Cruises excursion to the picturesque town of Trondheim where you’ll visit the Bymarka nature reserve. Here, more than 200-kilometres of walking tracks traverse a landscape made up of lakes, bogs, and forests. A habitat for moose, deer, red foxes, beavers, and hares, Bymarka makes for a scenic 2-hour hiking trip. Afterwards, visit a restaurant in Lian, where you’ll enjoy freshly-baked waffles and piping hot coffee!

The Sverresborg Trøndelag Open Air Folk Museum houses more than 80 historical buildings dating back to the 18th century. On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll peruse several indoor exhibitions that show Norwegian life across the ages. Take a step back in time by exploring the farm area, the Lo Church, the school, the shoemaker’s workshop, and the fascinating post office. Then, venture to the ruins of King Sverre’s Castle, located on a steep mountain knoll above Steinberget in Trondheim.

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