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Denmark is a country celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty: sandy beaches, glassy lakes, rugged mountains, and teeming wildflower meadows. But it’s just as beloved for its urban spaces including its enchanting villages and coastal cities.
An MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination, Fredericia is located on the Jutland peninsula, overlooking the dramatic North Sea. Every year, visitors marvel at the town’s pretty array of colourful houses, emerald green parks, and one of the best-preserved ramparts in Europe.

Select an unforgettable tour from a list of MSC Cruises excursions including:

• LEGOLAND®: A Fairy Tale for Adults and Children 
• The Charming UNESCO World Heritage Town of Christiansfeld
• Vikings in Jelling

Venture to LEGOLAND® Billund Resort on an MSC Cruises excursion. An homage to the world’s favourite construction toys, LEGO®, the park offers plenty of fun for the whole family.
Enjoy exciting rides, hands-on activities, and replicas of cities built from 20 million LEGO® blocks! The resort also boasts a buffet, burger kitchen, saloon, and coffee house where you can grab a bite and quench your thirst.

For those with a hunger for all things historical, take a trip to Christiansfeld. A UNESCO World Heritage site and Moravian church settlement, the town is abundant with charming architecture, a number of engaging museums, and cafes serving its famed honey cake (a must-try delicacy for any sweet tooth).

Discover Denmark’s Viking past with a day out in Jelling. This fascinating village boasts two mammoth UNESCO runic stones, featuring ancient pictorial engravings. A short walk away, the white-washed Jelling Church showcases fabulous frescoes dating back to 1125. The burial mounds are a prime example of the country’s Pagan past, before it transitioned to Christianity.

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