Ravenna cruise

Ravenna cruise

Start planning your cruise and book your excursions in San Marino, Ravenna and Maranello

A fascinating MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination, the Italian city of Ravenna houses eight UNESCO World Heritage sites! One of the most distinguished is the 6th-century Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, home to an array of remarkable mosaics. Ravenna also serves as a starting point when exploring Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

• San Marino
• Ravenna
• Ferrari Museum in Maranello

San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe, a landlocked city-state in the centre of Italy, and one of the smallest countries in the world. Pick an MSC Cruises excursion to this quirky tiny nation, situated on the slopes of Monte Titano. On tour, you’ll see the Church of San Francesco, founded in 1361 and enjoy a guided walk to the Piazza della Libertà for the changing of guards. Pause by the Rocca and the Basilica di San Marino, before appreciating the stunning scenery from Mount Titano’s summit.

Ravenna is an excellent example of charming cities in Italy, immersed in a fascinating air of ancient times. The city is known as the mosaic capital of the world with mosaics created in the 5th and 6th century. Throughout the centuries, the city was influenced by the Romans and the Ostrogoths, giving Ravenna a unique architecture. Today, visitors can still admire the mosaic masters at work in their shops scattered around the historic centre.

If you love the world of Formula One, visit the incredible Ferrari Museum in Maranello on an MSC Cruises excursion. View a vast array of Ferrari models, as well as trophies, memorabilia, and photographs. You’ll immerser yourself in the car company’s journey from its 1939 beginnings to its present-day status as automotive superpower! Before you leave, visit the Ferrari Store to shop a multitude of merchandise.

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