Roseau Cruise

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Where nature reigns supreme

Discover Roseau, Dominica’s attractive capital that is entirely accessible on foot. A French outpost founded in the 16th century, it offers captivating landscapes with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, botanical gardens, colonial-style architecture and the impressive St. Patrick’s cathedral, all worth exploring on this MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise.
In Dominica, nature reigns. Called the island of 365 rivers, the sound of water is nearly ever-present, beginning with the thermal springs around Roseau. Lush in vegetation, the volcanic origin of the island has created waterfalls, rivers and bubbling pools of hot water rich in minerals flowing from deep within the earth. 

One MSC excursion not to miss is Hibiscus Falls, with an enchanting waterfall and beautiful pool where you can take a dip amid breath-taking nature. From there, your tour continues on through the central rainforest reserve to the Hibiscus eco-village, followed by a river tubing experience through some of the last and only remaining Carib Indian territory. Or take a guided hiking tour through the rainforest to Emerald Pool, an exquisite waterfall and pool that is among Dominica’s favourite gems.

For another natural wonder, take an MSC excursion to the impressive Titou Gorge, a natural crevice in the mountain that spouts hot and cold water at once. Scenes from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” were also filmed at the gorge. Then at Wotten Waven, relax in the natural hot springs. A long therapeutic soak in the mineral-rich waters will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Looking for something offshore? Dominica is known for whale and dolphin watching. Board a catamaran on an MSC excursion for a chance to spot a dolphin, pilot whale, or a giant humpback whale. Or touch a live volcano as you snorkel above it in the marine reserve, feeling the sulphur heat escaping from the sea bed below. 


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