Isla de la Juventud Cruise

Isla de la Juventud Cruise

A Dream island

Many of the places visited during your holiday in the tropics with an MSC cruise to the Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles are sure to stay with you. 


Of these, Punta Frances on the Isla de la Juventud could have served as an inspiration for the perfect deserted island setting for a thousand different adventures thought up by writers such as Stevenson and Barrie. Punta Frances owes its name to the origin of the French Pirates François Leclerc or Jean Latrobe that during the 17th Century were finding shelter in the territory.

Also known as Isla de Pinos (Isle of Pines), most of Isle of Youth’s territory is dedicated to the preservation of nature. Punta FrancesNational Park runs along the southern coast of the island and has been protecting the Cuban sea species for over 30 years; it preserves an astounding wildlife – American crocodiles, lizards, elusive manatees, butterflies – and a dry tropical forest with the largest parrot population of Cuba. During the call in this beautiful and unspoiled destination, all MSC activity will be organized following the natural reserve rules, aimed to preserve this heavenly environment.

Once disembarked from your cruise ship, an MSC Cruises excursion will take you to the uncontaminated waters of the National Park for some exciting snorkelling. The attractions of Punta Frances also include three seaside bars each named after a different famous pirate and the Lago Azul, a small lake with turquoise waters.

There is over 3km of beach in all, split by a sandy headland into two broad curves of silver, powdery shore ringed on one side by the lush green of a woody, palm-specked thicket and on the other by the glassy, brilliant turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. The deserted tranquillity of this private world is all part of what makes it exceptional.

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