Kralendijk Cruise

Kralendijk Cruise

The Colours of the Sea

Kralendijk is the capital city of the island of Bonaire. Situated in the Caribbean sea, it is part of the French Antilles and it faces Venezuela.


The picturesque town offers all the relaxation and the peace which is typical of a little town bathed by an inviting sea, the Caribbean and a beach which invites you to indulge in its soft dunes. Making the most of an MSC Cruise to get to know these magical places is an opportunity not to be missed. The island, inhabited by local populations, the Caquetio and the Arawaks, is of Dutch domination. Kralendijk is a calm and tranquil city on the clear blue waters of the bay and immersed in a luxuriant countryside.
The houses are low and colourful, and host little craft shops and restaurants which prepare dishes with the fish of the day bought from the local historic market. Sitting down to lunch on the verandas, gazing at the sea is a guarantee of relaxation and peace. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is an unmissable Bonaire Island highlight: a nature reserve where you can catch sight of the fauna, such as the famous pink flamingos that live on the island and the local flora, walking through the mangrove forest and overlook the shores of the salt lakes, amongst the most famous is Lake Goto. In fact the island's main product is salt which it exports all over the world.
A singular experience which can be undertaken with children too, is a visit to the Butterfly Eco-garden, where a myriad of the most colourful butterflies fly undisturbed and sometimes the most daring may even come to rest on your hand. For lovers of sea activities there is diving and snorkelling, in the search for colourful tropical fish and the evocative black coral.

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