Laem Chabang - Bangkok Cruise

The Gateway to the Bangkok Wonders
Laem Chabang

The Gateway to the Bangkok Wonders

Laem Chabang is the starting point of an exploration of Bangkok with an MSC Grand Voyages Cruise. Located in Chonburi province, it is the most important industrial port of Thailand, and is the gateway to reach Bangkok from the sea.

With an MSC cruise, you will visit the capital of Thailand and its main attractions. Located on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is rich in history and culture. There are many places and monuments to visit. These include the Royal Grand Palace, the residence of the Chakri dynasty where you can also find the temple of the Emerald Buddha, a statue of rare beauty made from a single piece of jade. At the Buddhist temple of Wat Po can be found the huge reclining Buddha, a good 46 meters long and 15 meters high. At Wat Po, the place where Thai therapeutic massage was invented, the pagodas are also not to be missed: Phrang Rabieng in white marble and Phra Maha Chedi with delicate and colorful floral patterns.

The visit continues in the heart of the city: a journey on a typical boat through the canals – it is not surprising that Bangkok is called the "Venice of the East" – lined by the houses of this picturesque capital city to get to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) with its very high tower reminiscent of an Aztec elongated pyramid. An experience to be lived, on an MSC cruise, is to savor up-close the atmosphere of the Klongsuan market, where Buddhists and Muslims live and work together in harmony and where you can discover the traditions and customs of the people.

The journey continues to Chachoengsao, the city where Sothon Wat can be found, the temple that houses the much venerated effigy of the Buddha: the Phra Phutthasothon. Finally, you arrive at the Bang Pa-In, the Summer Palace, consisting of five majestic buildings not to be missed. There is a Thai-style pavilion, built in the middle of an artificial lake, a two-story European-style pavilion, a residential pavilion, a Chinese-style pavilion and an observatory located on a small island.

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