Boracay Cruise

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Scenarios of luxuriant nature

Your MSC cruise will take you through the natural wonders of the Philippines. The archipelago is made up of over 7,000 islands and is named after King Philip II of Spain: from 1521, thanks to the explorer Magellan, the islands were under Spanish rule, until the Americans took possession following the Spanish-American war.
The country has been completely independent since 1946. This area has an equatorial climate: hot and humid, with rain between June and November. The Philippines’ lush nature can be admired during an MSC Cruise excursion to Boracay. The west shore of the island is lapped by the Sulu Sea, while the east coast faces the Sibuyan Sea. The island is inhabited by about 30,000 people (in 2010). Of particular interest in terms of local fauna, is a few species of “fruit” bats, so-called because they feed on the flourishing and dense native vegetation, which is rich in coconut palms.

Boracay is four miles long and less than a mile wide. It has long been a tourist destination thanks to its famous beautiful White Beach, 2.5 miles of pure white sand, lapped by turquoise water. The beach is divided into three Stations: Station 1 is the quietest, ideal for relaxing, while Stations 2, in the middle, and 3 are more lively. In the evening, White Beach comes alive with clubs, bars, craft shops and restaurants, where you can have a fun night out while being lulled by the sound of waves.

During the excursion you can also see Willy's Rock: a statue of the Virgin Mary was placed in this unusual rock formation and it is a popular place to pray for many devotees.

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