Book your next cruise on board to secure exclusive benefits

Five reasons not to miss our best onboard deal


  • Book now, choose later: With our new Open Booking Programme, you have up to a year to decide on your destination and travel dates.
  • Reduced deposit: Secure your booking with a deposit as low as €100 per person.
  • Up to €200 shipboard credit per cabin, based on cabin category and cruise duration.
  • Best price guarantee
  • Double MSC Voyagers Club Points: MSC Voyagers Club members earn double points on their MSC Voyagers Club card* when booking onboard.

*The points will be assigned at the end of the future cruise based on purchased experiences and excluding onboard expenses.


To book your future holiday, reach out to our Future Cruise Consultants at the Future Cruise Office on board.




With our Future Cruise Programme, your next cruise holiday starts before your current one ends.
With a dedicated team of MSC Cruises experts on board each ship, we'll tailor the best offer to your desires, and you will receive exclusive advantages.
Whether you crave vibrant cityscapes, tropical islands, or ancient cultural wonders, booking your future cruise is seamless and personalized, allowing you to secure your dream getaway before you even finish packing to go home.


Future Cruise Programme | MSC Cruises


Just find the Future Cruise Office onboard to book your upcoming cruise and take advantage of the incredible privileges offered by the Future Cruise Programme. Our dedicated Future Cruise consultants will provide all the informations you need and will guide you through the booking. Please note that these benefits are exclusively available for reservations made on board.


Future Cruise Program | MSC Cruises


What is the MSC Future Cruise Programme?

The MSC Future Cruise Programme is an exclusive onboard service for guests currently sailing with MSC Cruises. It allows you to plan and book your next cruise while still on your current voyage.

How do I qualify for the Future Cruise Programme

To qualify for MSC Future Cruise Program, you just need to be a guest on one of our cruises. This program allows you to plan and book your next cruise while still on board your current one. All guests have the opportunity to participate and can visit the Future Cruise dedicated office on the ship to get the information and assistance needed for making a reservation.

How do I book a Future Cruise onboard?

It's easy! Visit the Future Cruise Office onboard, and our dedicated Future Cruise Consultants will assist you. They will provide all the information you need, guide you through the booking process, and ensure you receive all the exclusive benefits of the MSC Future Cruise Programme.

What are the benefits of booking through the MSC Future Cruise Programme?

When booking onboard, you'll receive exclusive advantages, including a best price guarantee & flexibility, a low deposit requirement, up to €200 shipboard credit per cabin, and double MSC Voyagers Club Points. These benefits are designed to enhance your MSC Cruises experience and provide extra value for your future travels.

What is MSC Cruises' Open Booking Program?

The Open Booking Program is a special opportunity for you to reserve a future cruise while onboard our MSC Cruises. With this program, you can secure your next cruise vacation without having to choose the ship and sail date at the time of booking.

What are the key benefits of the Open Booking Program?

The Open Booking Program offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility: You have up to one year to select a specific ship and sail date from the date you create the Open Booking.
  • You can plan your future cruise without the pressure of committing to specific dates.
  • Onboard Credit: Receive an on board credit based on when you convert your Open Booking, the length of the cruise, and your chosen stateroom category.
  • Reduced Deposit

How can you reserve an Open Booking?

You can reserve an open booking while onboard a MSC cruise by paying a nonrefundable deposit of £ 100 per person. You then have one year from the date of creation to choose your ship and sail date for your future cruise.

Can Open Booking reservations be combined with other offers?

Open Booking reservations can generally be combined with most local offers and MSC Voyagers Club discounts, with some exclusions such as certain promotions and discounted rates.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

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