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Inspire yourself with the best of the world’s most beautiful destinations across different countries for your Summer 2024 and Winter 2024-2025 holidays!

MSC Cruises offers the Happy Drink* Fare!

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Secure your favorite cabins right today for your dream cruise, choosing among a huge choice of itineraries across the Mediterranean, Western Europe, Caribbean and Antilles, Far East, Northern Europe and North America, Emirates and Grand Voyages,  various cruise length and multiple embarkation port options.

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* for a 7 night cruise. On Caribbean and North America the Happy Drink will be available on cruises with a length from 4 nights onwards.
** The package is available for all guests in Bella, Fantastica, Aurea experience. 


Islands, bays, and coral reefs. The Caribbean is a feeling that drags you with the seductive rhythm of tropical vibes. Imbibe in an ambiance where the clock seems to stop ticking! Is the time to indulge in that Caribbean cruise you've been longing for. Walk among long stretches of white sandy beaches, lie under the balmy shade of magnificent palm trees and dive into a turquoise sea full of coral reefs. Our Caribbean cruises offer the most extensive discovery of idyllic archipelagos.

MSC Cruises even owns a private Caribbean Island! Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, located in the stunning Western Bahamas. This tropical paradise was specially crafted to provide our guests with the most exclusive Caribbean dream!

Explore the Bahamas or discover the enchantment of Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Drift to the sound of lapping waves in Puerto Rico, Guadalupe, or Martinique.

Choose a Southern Caribbean cruise and explore St. Lucia or Barbados or even further south to Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy the tropical wonders of Western Caribbean.


Book a Caribbean and bahamas cruise.


Cruising the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises means coming within reach of the best in culture, tradition and monuments that have for centuries enriched its shores.
Visit these countries and learn about their rich Mediterranean history just like ancient mariners did as they sailed from Italy to the Mediterranean side.

Traveling on an MSC Cruise to the Mediterranean will give you the opportunity to get a closer look at the historic ports of Italy, from Bari to Venice, from Genoa to Naples. Appreciate the picturesque and refined French towns of Cannes, to immerse yourself in Spanish culture in Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and Ibiza.

Take advantage of the excursions organized by our staff to enjoy the mediterranean sunshine while visiting important archaeological sites or develop a passion for local music.

If a Mediterranean holiday was not enough, you can choose MSC cruises that head beyond Gibraltar for a quick visit to the Portuguese coasts of Lisbon and Funchal and the Canary Islands. Italy, Spain and Morocco, the East and the West have never been so close as on a cruise on MSC Cruises.


Croatia, Mediterranean | MSC Cruises


The Bermuda, Canada & New England destination need no introduction. Sail from New York with MSC Cruises and you will take on a trip to get to know the heart of them, to visit the places where these nations took their first steps.

The view of Canada included on an MSC Cruise is made up of Victorian St John, New Brunswick, the pastoral landscape of Prince Edward Island and its capital Charlottetown, and the cities of Sydney and Halifax.

MSC Cruises has chosen the best of Bermuda overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to offer a mix of tradition and present day, always in close contact with the indomitable natural surroundings that knock on the doors of the city of King's Wharf.


Destinations, USA and Canada | MSC Cruises


Climb aboard one of our MSC Northern Europe cruises and discover the wonders that can be found in the British Isles, Scandinavian coastlines or the Baltic states and experience Europe like never before.

Start your Polar, Scandinavian or Baltic cruise from the British Isles and visit the coastal towns and cities in countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Iceland. From the bustle of cities like Copenhagen, Tallinn or Hamburg, to the quiet beauty of the fjords or the scenic coastal hamlets, a Northern Europe cruise has it all.

The cities in Northern Europe are distinctly different from any other settlements, this is because they perfectly combine the essence of their culture with the modern features of our current times. Scandinavian cruises will take you to locations such as Stockholm, Bergen or Oslo. Here in particular you will be able to visit awe-inspiring buildings such as the Akershus Fortress, or relax with a stroll around Frogner Park, not to mention the avant-garde building of the Oslo Opera House, located at the harbour.


Destinations, Northern Europe | MSC Cruises


Land of dawn, daring explorers and age-old paths of both earth and sea. From the Silk Road to the Spice Route, through horizons of unprecedented beauty ranging from deserts landscapes to the highest mountains on the globe. From the shores of Indian Oceans to the Pacific islands, crossroads of ancient cultures and religious blending. Asian wealth is staggering and with MSC Cruises you can fulfill your craving for exploration across its fascinating seas. A cruise to Asia is a journey through millennia-old traditions still strongly intact despite its impressive modernization.

Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist temples, martial arts like judo and karate, and a pulsating pop culture that has impacted the world with anime, video games and K-pop. A delicious food culture featuring sushi, ramen, sake, and Chinese rolls. A Far East cruise has everything needed for a memorable holiday!