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The port with a thousand waterfalls

When your MSC cruise ship docks in Olden you find yourself in a small port with a few souvenir shops, a few scattered houses and a huge naturalistic wealth to explore with excursions of all kinds.

One of the destinations of your vacation in Olden is the Briksdal glacier, an emanation of the Jostedalbreen, the largest in Norway, protected within the national park by the same name. The landscape is extraordinary and in the late spring months there are a an endless number of waterfalls, that form with the melting of the ice, and flowers around the edges.

It is possible to reach a lake of a unique blue colour, where the front of a glacier rests. If you like truly adventurous experiences instead you should go to the Lodalen valley to reach the Kjenndel glacier. Here you find imposing mountains and no trace of human presence, besides yourself. During the excursion you can navigate along the peaceful waters of the Loen on board a rubber dinghy.

The last stretch is cover on foot up to the first offshoots of the Kjenndal glacier. Or else, considering we’re in northern Europe, why not go all the way to the Norwegian Glacier Center. From Olden you head south towards Skei, a large village on the hill that dominates Lake Jolster. Before reaching your destination you will cross a tunnel dug out of the ice that leads to Fjærland, north of which is the Norwegian glacier centre.

On your way back you should not miss the opportunity to take great pictures of yourself with a view of the Boyabreen glacier.

Must see places in Olden

  • Briskdal Glacier

    Briskdal Glacier

  • Geirangerfjord


  • Lodalen Valley

    Lodalen Valley

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    • No guide available

    • Snack included

    • Limited seats

    • May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing

      Difficulty Level

    • Duration
      2:30 h


    Step off the ship for a couple of hours and instead board a rigid inflatable boat – RIB for short – to soak up amazing views of Norway’s six longest fjord, Nordfjorden, and enjoy a delicious crayfish treat as well. A quick safety briefing will precede your RIB adventure, which will take you through the fjords en route to the spot where the crayfish pots were set. If you’re up for a hands-on experience, have a go at pulling the pots out of the water yourself. On reaching the shore, you’ll then get to prepare and cook the catch on an open fire in a traditional Sami tent called a lavvu. And as the proof of any pudding is in the eating, you’ll naturally be able to enjoy the freshly caught and cooked crayfish along with some bread and mayonnaise. The outing then wraps up with your return cruise to Olden. Please note: all guests will be issued with insulated rain- and windproof suits for the duration of the cruise. The captain of the boat will offer a guided commentary during the tour in English only. Guests must be at least 6 years of age to take part. The tour is considered to be unsuitable for guests with health or back/neck problems as well as pregnant women.

      • Duration
        4:30 h


      Nature rarely presents itself in finer form than in Norway’s verdant fjordic landscapes and this tour gives you a chance to touch base with the glorious scenery from the comfort of a coach. The half-day outing begins by taking you along the northern shoreline of Innvikfjorden, which adjoins Nordfjorden, passing through the pretty villages of Blaskæter, Fjelli and Hopland en route to Nos. A photo stop is scheduled here to capture the stunning panorama of the fjord and the nearby mountains, after which you’ll move on to the hill of Kvalen for more gorgeous vistas of the surrounding countryside. After returning to the lakeside town of Hennebygda, you will move on to a hotel in Nordfjordeid to have coffee and freshly prepared svele, a Norwegian kind of small, sweet pancake. The return journey will take you along the banks of Hornindalsvatnet, the deepest lake in northern Europe with crystal-clear water, pretty little islands and towering peaks in the background to round off your scenic experience. Please note: guests using a wheelchair are advised that they must be accompanied by a paying helper to provide assistance with getting on and off the coach and that wheelchairs must be collapsible/foldable since the coach has neither a ramp nor a lift. Guests using a wheelchair who would like to participate in this tour are requested to contact the Shore Excursions’ Desk promptly once they are on board so that arrangements can be made.

      • Lunch or dinner included

      • Wheelchair and disabled-friendly tour – Wheelchair guests must be accompanied by their own helper to get on/off the coach. Wheelchairs must be foldable as the coach is not provided with ramps or lifts. Once onboard, please contact Excursions Desk staff promptly so they can help make arrangements.

      • Limited seats

      • May involve a limited quantity of steps, uneven surfaces and/or periods of standing

        Difficulty Level

      • Duration
        3 h


      This appealing 3-hour excursion will see you leave the pretty village of Olden to pass through the town of Stryn and travel alongside the River Stryn – well known for its salmon – up to the clear turquoise waters of Lake Stryn. The Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre will be your destination, a place that stages various exhibitions to provide a fascinating introduction to the area in general and the glacier in particular. After watching a nature film, you’ll have time to explore the centre and visit the garden. A typical kind of Norwegian pancake called svele plus a cup of tea or coffee will then be served before you begin the return journey via the same route. Please note: this tour is not suitable for guests who are claustrophobic as it includes driving through 2 tunnels. Guests using a wheelchair are advised that they must be accompanied by a paying helper to provide assistance with getting on and off the coach and that wheelchairs must be collapsible/foldable since the coach has neither a ramp nor a lift. Guests using a wheelchair who would like to participate in this tour are requested to contact the Shore Excursions’ Desk promptly once they are on board so that arrangements can be made.

    The excursions in the programme are intended to provide MSC Guests with an idea of the different tours that can be arranged in each port of call; this programme is merely a guide and confirmation of each excursion and its description and prices will be made during your cruise. 
    Shore excursions programs and itineraries may vary depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen events in relation to the timing on the day of the tour.
    Some excursions are very popular and therefore availability cannot always be guaranteed, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The guides are guaranteed in English. Only for South America cruises, the guides are guaranteed in Brazilian Portuguese. Narration in other languages depends on the availability of guides. Please note that the final language of the tour will be confirmed on board during the cruise.


    The magic of the northern lights
    The magic of the northern lights

    A holiday in Norway is a dream. A dream along a fjord, the most evocative and characteristic natural formation of this land.

    The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are listed as part of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites, but it's also worth mentioning the longest of all the Fjords, the 204 km long Sognefjordas well as the Hardangerfjord where cherry and apple blossoms can be seen on the cliff-side during spring.

    But a Northern Europe MSC cruise also means experiencing the spectacular beauty of the Northern lights; while those of you who travel in the summer can admire the spectacular midnight sun, once north of the Arctic Circle. A cruise to Norway also means discovering the culture of two ancient populations: the Vikings, not just pirates and warriors, but merchants, explorers and colonisers who, for over three hundred years until the 11th century governed Scandinavia and the northern Atlantic: and then, the Samis, the natives of these lands, dressed in multicoloured clothes with immense herds of reindeer, who have lived in the deep North for more than 10,000 years.

    Finally, watch out for the Trolls! Many of the places you will visit are named after these legendary creatures: Trollheimen, Trollstigen (with the spectacular Troll’s path), Trollhatten and Trollveggen.