Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How does the boarding work on MSC ships?

      Embarkation begins at the Check-In time shown on the cruise ticket. Check-In closes 90 minutes before the ship departure time, except for American ports, where Check-In closes two hours before. Tt is extremely important that you always arrive at the port with your e-ticket, including the embarkation form with complete and accurate personal data.   The details of the embarkation process change from ship to ship. For more detailed information on your cruise ship embarkation process please Click Here.

    • How can I check in online?

      If you book your cruise directly with MSC Cruises, then you should personally complete the web check-in process.
      For cruises booked through a travel agent, you may ask them to complete the web check-in process on your behalf.
      In order to issue the e-tickets, the following personal information is required for all passengers included in the booking: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport or National ID Card Number, Passport place and date of issue, Passport or National ID Card expiry date, and Emergency Contact Information (First name, Last name, Telephone Number of a  relative or friend not traveling with you, that we may need to reach Before arriving at the port, you should ensure that you have all personal travel documents required, and that all personal information shown on your embarkation form is correct. In the event of necessary changes, you can repeat the online check-in process in order to re-issue your e-ticket.

      To check-in online: 

      1. Enter your booking information. You will find a section dedicated to you. 
      2. Enter your personal and identification information where requested, then click Save and Confirm.

    • What documents are required to go on a cruise?

      Each guest is responsible for acquiring and presenting all travel documents necessary for boarding the ship in their respective country of embarkation, documents including a valid passport and any visas required for the cruise itinerary. Please note that each guest is also responsible for securing any necessary visas and immunizations.
      Please be aware that MSC does not assume responsibility for advising guests of required travel documents or travel advisories. Guests who do not have the required documents for vessel security and immigration will be denied boarding without entitlement to a refund.

    • Can I bring food or drink on board?

      No, although food and drink may be bought on board.

    • How many pieces of luggage can I take on board?

      Two pieces of luggage per person is the accepted limit*.

      *Note: Please check your cruise ticket for more accurate detail.

    • How is luggage handed over when boarding and leaving the ship?

      Prior to reaching the cruise terminal, guests are advised to label their luggage using the tags received with the cruise ticket, and hand it to MSC staff at the terminal. Luggage will be delivered directly to your cabin shortly after embarkation.

      Two days before the end of each cruise, guests receive directly in their cabins the disembarkation procedures and luggage tags. Please leave labelled luggage outside the cabin door the night before disembarking. The luggage will be collected and delivered directly in the terminal building during disembarkation. Please note that the luggage embarkation and disembarkation process can vary between ports.

    • Are there parking facilities at the pier?

      Parking can be purchased through MSC Cruises in most ports of embarkation. We recommend booking this service by phone please call our call centre or your travel agent for details and rates.

    • Are there wheelchairs available to passengers?

      Wheelchairs are available on all ships in the MSC Cruises fleet, for use during embarking and disembarking or in the event of an emergency.

    • What if my luggage or other personal effects are lost?

      MSC Cruises, its employees and agents accept no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of guests’ luggage or personal effects. MSC Cruises’ responsibility with respect to lost, damaged, or undelivered luggage is explained in the Passenger Contract. In the event of loss or damage to luggage or personal effects, a representative of MSC Cruises should be immediately notified. Otherwise insurance must be taken out with MSC Cruises.

    • Can I bring food or drinks on board after my excursion?

      No, although food or drinks may be bought on board.

    • What credit\prepaid\ debits cards are accepted?

      We accept the following credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club. 
      We accept the following debit cards; Maestro, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard Debit.

    • How can I pay onboard if i didn’t collect my cruise card yet?

      Once checked-in, in case your cabin isn’t ready yet and for this reason you didn’t collect your Cruise Card, you can begin your onboard purchases in the bars and restaurants by providing crew members with your cabin number and full name (information available on your embarkation form).  

    • Are the prices on board more expensive than those on land?

      No. In fact the special operating environment that regulates the maritime sector means that many products (such as alcohol, tobacco and fragrances) can be sold duty free, bringing reductions of up to 30% off retail prices on land.

      *Depending on the itineraries and subject to applicable legislation.

    • Can cash withdrawals be made on the ship?

      A cash advance service is available if a credit card has been registered at the on board account. This can only be done in the on board currency (euro or US dollars, depending on the itinerary), for a fee, set according to the itinerary.

    • Health & Safety update: onboard Spa services

      Due to the increased Health & Safety measures in order to grant a safe cruise for all our guests, the following Spa areas onboard MSC Magnifica and MSC Grandiosa have been temporarily closed: Saunas, Steam Rooms, Heat Baths, Whirlpools & Ice Room. Therefore, some Thermal packages are not available anymore. For Guests who already purchased packages MSC Cruises suggests to proceed as follows. Before departure: cancel the package before departure, by taking advantage from the free cancellation. If already on board: call or visit the Spa reception on board, which will replace this package with any other on board service of the same value. For any additional information please contact our Contact center.

    • How can I find my way around the ship?

      A map of the ship is available in every cabin.

    • What will the temperature be like on board?

      MSC ensures sure that the temperature inside our ships is pleasantly regulated taking into account the weather conditions. The temperature in your cabin can be easily regulated using the thermostat.

    • What if I lose something on the ship?

      Guests who lose items on board should refer to the Reception or Guest Services to see if their belongings have been handed in.

    • What are the service charges?

      The service charge, which is calculated on a daily basis according to the length of the cruise, the destination and the ship, is charged by MSC Cruises at the end of the cruise. This service charge is paid over entirely to the staff who provide the hotel services on board. For this reason, no tips are required or payable.

    • What additional costs should I plan for?

      Onboard bar purchases will incur a 15% bar service charge, automatically added to your final bill.

    • Are the prices on board more expensive than those on land?

      No. In fact the special operating environment that regulates the maritime sector means that many products (such as alcohol, tobacco and fragrances) can be sold duty free, bringing reductions of up to 30% off retail prices on land.

      *Depending on the itineraries and subject to applicable legislation.

    • Is smoking allowed on board?

      In line with global standards, smoking areas on board are fewer than non-smoking areas and are indicated by signage and ashtrays. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in cabins, on cabin balconies and anywhere not expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays. The Company reserves the right to levy a fee should passengers be found smoking in non designated areas of the vessel.  Repeatedly smoking in non- smoking areas can ultimately lead to disembarkation. We remind you that throwing cigarette butts or anything else overboard at sea is strictly prohibited as it may seriously put in danger safety at sea.

    • What are the payment methods on board?

      All on board purchases are made with the personal cruise card, eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards on board. To activate purchasing with the Cruise Card, Guests must either register their credit or debit card at the check-in or onboard at the Cruise Card Activation Points (only available on certain ships), or by leaving a cash deposit at the Reception - Guest Service immediately after embarkation.

    • What medical services are available on board?

      All MSC cruise ships have a well-equipped Medical Centre, supervised by a ship’s doctor and other medical personnel. The Medical Centre is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Programme. Emergency services are available round the clock by calling the Medical Emergency number.

    • Can cash withdrawals be made on the ship?

      A cash advance service is available if a credit card has been registered at the on board account. This can only be done in the on board currency (euro or US dollars, depending on the itinerary), for a fee, set according to the itinerary.

    • Are sunbeds available?

      Sunbeds are available free of charge for all passengers, although they cannot be reserved. Guests are kindly requested not to occupy deckchairs and sunbeds with personal items during long absences.

    • Security Guide: How do I report a crime on board?

      To report any missing person or criminal activity while on board, we recommend to immediately dial Tel 99 for prompt assistance (Reception – Guest Service). For detailed information on Crime Response please click here.

    • How does MSC Cruises protect the health and safety of guests from Covid-19 during an MSC Cruises holiday?

      Your health and safety will always be our utmost priority. The enhanced health and safety measures are designed to ensure that MSC Cruises preserves the holiday experience from booking to on board. MSC Cruises is continuously assessing developments in response to the COVID-19 situation and will adapt the health and safety measures as needed. For more information visit our Health & Safety page.

    • Does MSC Cruises offer assistance to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      Yes, MSC Cruises and its staff are constantly striving to provide the best service possible for all guests, including those of reduced mobility or disabilities.

    • Can I bring medicines on board?

      Yes. If possible, they should be carried in hand luggage. We also advise our guests to carry the list of medicines they intend to take on board with them, to allow on-board medical staff to provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

    • How can I let MSC Cruises know about my special needs?

      MSC Cruises should be informed of all special needs via the Special Needs Form, which is available online and at all accredited travel agencies. In addition to the Form, a medical certificate confirming that the guest is fit to go on a cruise may be requested.

    • What medical service is available on board?

      All MSC cruise ships have a well-equipped Medical Centre, supervised by a ship’s doctor and other medical personnel. The Medical Centre is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Programme. Emergency services are available round the clock by calling the Medical Emergency number. Excluding emergencies, medical services carry a fee and prices are available on board. Guests who incur medical expenses during their cruise can ask their insurance company for reimbursement once ashore.

    • Are there special menus for coeliac passengers or for those with food allergies/intolerances?

      Guests with food intolerances and/or allergies must inform MSC Cruises of their needs via the Special Needs Form and, once on board, confirm their requirements at Reception-Guest Service and/or with the Maître d’hôtel. We provide tailored menus and solutions to meet everyone's dining requirements: Vegetarian Menus: of delicious specialities, freshly prepared to the gourmet standards for which MSC is renowned; Kosher meals (pre-packaged breakfast, lunch and dinner) may be available on board for an additional charge starting from €25 pp/day. Kosher meals can be consumed in the main restaurants and must be booked at least 3 weeks before ship’s departure. Halal products (beef, lamb and poultry) may be available on board following former request of the guest at least two months before departure; Gluten-Free Menus** are prepared by skilled personnel in dedicated kitchens on board.   MSC Cruises has obtained a certification from Bureau Veritas to provide gluten-free menus worldwide (food code: 20 ppm) in the main restaurants of All Ships. Please check availability when booking.   **On MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica guests can find only a limited selection of pre-packaged gluten-free snacks such as, biscuits, croissants, sponge cakes and muffins.  

    • Do on board staff receive special training in providing assistance to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      All on board staff receive special in-house training that sensitizes them to the needs of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, and which prepares them to provide any necessary assistance.

    • Can I undergo dialysis treatment on board?

      Peritoneal dialysis may be performed at the on board Medical Centre, if the guest brings all necessary medicines and equipment. The equipment and machines used for haemodialysis treatment are carried on a limited number of cruises.

    • Are there excursions accessible to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      The majority of excursions are fully accessible, however we would recommend that all our guests to read-through the programme of available tours at the Excursion Office on board.

    • What is the deadline for notifying MSC Cruises of my special needs?

      Guests should inform MSC Cruises of special needs at the time of booking, or at the latest two working days before departure. After this deadline, we may be unable to provide the level of assistance required.

    • Can I travel with my guide dog?

      Properly trained and certified guide dogs are allowed on board, provided they are in good health and have all documents required for entering the countries visited during the cruise. The guest will be informed in advance about the kind of accommodation provided for the dog, any facilities provided and the procedure for embarking and disembarking. Guests are personally responsible for the custody, feeding and general care of the animal.

    • Are there signs for passengers with visual disabilities?

      All MSC cruise ships are fitted with Braille signage in public areas, in lifts and at the entrance to cabins. There is also a voice system in lifts on Fantasia and Musica class ships that announces the floor in English.

    • Who will handle my special needs request and how will it be treated?

      All requests are sent directly to MSC Cruises and reviewed internally. Some requests may require closer examination from a practical or medical point of view, which will be carried out by a specialized internal committee. In all cases, passenger details will be handled with absolute discretion, in accordance with our privacy policy.

    • How soon will I receive a reply to my special needs request?

      If requests are received during working day, responses are sent out immediately. In some cases, however, closer examination may be necessary and replies may take several days.

    • Could MSC Cruises refuse my booking or deny me boarding?

      Refusal of a booking or denial of entry would only happen in the interests of ensuring the safety of guests and the crew, which is of paramount importance.

    • Can a passenger with reduced mobility travel alone?

      Yes, provided that they are fully independent.

    • Which areas of the ship are accessible to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      All decks and public areas of our ships are accessible to guests with reduced mobility.

    • Are there cabins for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      Yes, all ships in the fleet contain a number of specially fitted cabins with extra floor space and more room for movement. These cabins should be requested at the time of booking.

    • Can I bring my Mobility Scooter on Board?

      Yes, you can. Scooters must be stored and batteries recharged in your cabin which is fitted with 110V sockets (US type sockets) and 220V sockets (German type sockets) avoiding to connect when using the hairdryer. Keep in mind that the scooter minimizes the available space within your cabin. Due to safety considerations, wheelchairs and scooters cannot be stored in the corridors. Your personal scooter should be able to fit in a standard cabin with a limited entry doorway (58 cm on MSC Divina and MSC Armonia, 68 cm on MSC Lirica, MSC Sinfonia and MSC Opera, 62 cm on the others). If your scooter is larger than the dimension reported for your chosen ship, you should book an H cabin or rent a smaller scooter. Segways and other similar vehicles cannot be operated on board. They shall be confiscated and can be taken off the ship to be used while in port.

    • What do you need to know about MSC Cruises’ policy for travel to regions that have been declared affected by the Zika virus?

      The Centres for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) has issued guidance advising against travel in zones affected by the Zika virus for women who are pregnant and their partners as well as for women who are trying to become pregnant.     In connection with this, MSC Cruises offers pregnant guests and the people travelling with her in the same cabin the opportunity to cancel free of charge their cruise to countries affected by Zika or  rebook using cruise credit to another destination of their liking among the worldwide destinations that MSC Cruises offers to be utilized within a 24 month period. Guests should provide a copy of a medical certificate confirming their existing pregnancy.  Free  cancellation and the rebooking will be regulated by the relevant Booking Terms and Conditions.    Guests who wish to find out additional information about the Zika virus should either contact their health care provider physician or visit the CDC Website:

    • What equipment is available in all cabins?

      All cabins are equipped with a mini bar, TV, Interactive TV (only on Musica and Fantasia class ships), safe hairdryer, air conditioning and telephone.

    • What is the difference between an internal and an external cabin?

      External cabins feature a porthole or a balcony, while internal ones do not.

    • What equipment is available in inside cabins?

      All cabins are equipped with a mini bar, TV, ITV (only on Musica and Fantasia class ships), safe, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, shower.

    • What equipment is available in ocean view cabins?

      All ocean view cabins are equipped with a mini bar, TV, ITV (only on Musica and Fantasia class ships), safe, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, shower and a porthole.

    • What equipment is available in balcony cabins?

      All balcony cabins are equipped with a mini bar, TV / ITV (only on Musica and Fantasia class ships), safe, hairdryer, telephone, air conditioning, shower or bathtub, balcony.

    • What equipment is available in Aurea cabins?

      All ocean view Aurea cabins are equipped with a mini bar, TV, ITV (only on Musica and Fantasia class ships), safety box, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, shower or bathtub and a balcony or panoramic sealed window (on Fantasia class ships).

    • What equipment is available in Family cabins?

      Executive & Family Suites (YC) : Mini Bar, ITV, safe, hairdryer, telephone, air conditioning, bathtub, panoramic sealed window and Console Nintendo Wii (available on MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia).

      Super Family Cabins (available on Divina and Preziosa) : mini bar, ITV, safe, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, shower, balcony and connecting door.

    • What equipment is available in Yacht Club Suites?

      Complete complimentary mini bars, Interactive widescreen television with radio, safety box, hairdryer, telephone, balcony, Marble bathroom bathtub, Exclusive Egyptian cotton sheets and bathrobes Nintendo Wii consoles (available on MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia) and 24 hours butler service. 

    • Can telephone calls be made from my cabin?

      Yes, at no cost if the call is to other cabins or to the ship’s facilities (i.e. shops, Guest Services, SPA). For outside calls, a fee will be charged on your on board account; rates and instructions are available on board.

    • Is there a safe deposit box in the cabins?

      Safe deposit boxes are available in all cabins.

    • Are there cabins for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

      Yes, all ships in the fleet contain a number of specially fitted cabins. These cabins should be requested at the time of booking.

    • Is cabin service available?

      Yes, cabin service is available 24/24h, by calling 99 from the telephone in your cabin (Reception-Guest Service).

    • Is there an on board laundry service?

      Yes, there is an on board laundry service, available for a fee. A price list is provided in the cabin, or by calling 99 from the telephone in your cabin.

    • Can I bring electrical appliances with me?

      The only electrical appliances permitted in cabins are: electric shavers and hairdryers, battery chargers and computers. Heat-generating appliances are not permitted.

    • Can I get in-cabin breakfast?

      Yes, in-cabin breakfast is served every morning (except on disembarkation day) from 7am to 10am. It is included in the Fantastica, Aurea and Yacht Club experiences, while it carries a fee of €/$3.50 for Bella. A doorknob menu is available in the cabin. To order breakfast select the items required and leave the menu hanging on the doorknob outside the cabin the night before.

    • What is a daily programme?

      It is like a daily newspaper, which is delivered to the cabin every evening for the following day. It includes important information about life on board, nautical peculiarities, timings of activities, dining, facilities, phone directory and more. Guests will also receive the Daily Specials, listing the day’s promotions. Copies are also available at the Reception-Guest Service.

    • What facilities are available for families with small children?

      All ships feature a Mini Club for children from 3 to 6 year old; Juniors Club from 7 to 11; Young Club from 12 to 14;  and Teens Club from 15 to 17. Additionally, babies from 6 months to 3 years old can play at the Mini Club with their parents and follow the MSC Babytime programme. Parents can leave babies between 1 and 3 with the youth staff at the Mini Club and enjoy the MSC Babycare playing activities. All children can be signed up to the Clubs at no cost.

    • Why do the cabins have different prices?

      The price of the cabins depends on the different experiences (Bella, Fantastica, Aurea and Yacht Club) which include various services.

    • What will the temperature be like on board?

      MSC ensures that the temperature inside our ships is pleasantly regulated taking into account the weather conditions. The temperature in your cabin can be easily regulated using the thermostat.

    • What are the payment methods on board?

      All on board purchases are made with the personal cruise card, eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards. Cash deposits can be made or a credit card can be registered to the cruise card at any time during a cruise.

    • Is there a daily programme provided?

      Each evening a detailed programme for the following day will be delivered to your cabin. It contains all the key information about various activities and entertainment options available.

    • What is the MSC Voyagers Club?

      MSC Voyagers Club is the Loyalty Programme for MSC guests. It is MSC Cruises’ way of rewarding its most loyal customers.

      Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • Why should I enrol in the MSC Voyagers Club?

      The MSC Voyagers Club is free and easy to join. Being a member of MSC Voyagers Club is a great way for cruise lovers to experience life on board and ashore, while earning you fantastic privileges and services. The more you cruise with MSC, the more your privileges grow.

      Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • How much does it cost to become a MSC Voyagers Club member?

      Joining the MSC Voyagers Club is free of charge. 

      Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • How do I become an MSC Voyagers Club member?

      Membership applies to all guests of MSC Cruises who have taken at least one cruise with MSC since 2006 and can be issued to guests from 0 years of age. You can apply for MSC Voyagers Club membership in the following ways:  • By completing the online activation form available if you have a booking confirmation; • By applying on board with the help of the Cruise Consultant at the MSC Voyagers Club Information Desk; • After the cruise, by completing the online application form available at After becoming an MSC Voyagers Club member, you will be issued with a Voyagers Club card and a membership number, which should be provided at the beginning of the next cruise. Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • What can I do with my MSC Voyagers Club points?

      MSC Voyagers Club points entitle the Voyagers Club member to receive discounts when booking an MSC cruise, and to enjoy privileges and offers during their MSC cruise. Discover all privileges and discounts matching each level of membership visiting the dedicated webpage.

      Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • How can I increase my MSC Voyagers Club points?

      MSC Voyagers Club members will earn 100 points for every $/€ 150 of pre-paid services purchased before the cruise on MSC packages and services included in the cruise booked. You will earn 100 points for every $/€ 150 spent on board (excluding casino expenses).    Assigned points for onboard expenses (including pre-boarding purchased shipboard credit) will only be applied to the MSC Voyagers Club Card holder making the final payment. Points are credited to the member’s account after the cruise is completed.     The number of MSC Voyagers Club points earned will determine the level of membership: - Welcome Membership: 1 confirmed booking Classic Membership: 1 to 2,199 points  Silver Membership: 2,200 to 4,299 points  Gold Membership: 4,300 to 9,999 points Diamond Membership: 10,000 + points   Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • Are there any benefits in becoming an MSC Voyagers Club member?

      Yes, being part of the MSC Voyagers Club will give access to a series of privileges according to level of membership. For the full list of benefits, please visit the dedicated webpage.

      Please consult MSC Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

    • What shops will I find on board?

      All ships have duty free and tax free shops, hair and beauty salons and photographic services. Prices are published on board. All MSC Yacht Club guests (on board MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia) can enjoy private shopping opportunities, exclusive viewings of selected jewellery in their suite and personalized delivery of purchased items to their suite.

    • What are the shop opening hours ?

      Opening hours are listed in the Daily Program programme sheet which is delivered to the cabin each day. Shops are normally open while at sea and during the day.

    • Is there Duty-Free on board?

      Yes, MSC Cruises has a wide range of duty free and tax free shops on its fleet.

    • What credit cards are accepted?

      Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club.

    • What are the payment methods on board?

      All on board purchases are made with a personal cruise card so there is no need to carry cash or credit cards.

    • Are the prices on board more expensive than those on land?

      No. In fact the special operating environment that regulates the maritime sector means that many products (such as alcohol, tobacco and fragrances) can be sold duty free, bringing reductions of up to 30% off retail prices on land.

      *Depending on the itineraries and subject to applicable legislation.

    • Can I purchase Photos after the cruise?

      Yes, you can purchase the photos you’ve made while on board with our professional photographers on our dedicated My MSC Photos website.

    • What happens in the event of rough seas or bad weather?

      In case of bad weather all the entertainment activities take place in the main lounges of the ships.

    • Which kind of activities can I find on board?

      The following activities are regularly scheduled across the fleet:
      professional  dance classes;  fitness  classes ; pool games; arts & crafts; dance nights; team games;  theme parties;  board games; karaoke; talent contests; fun nights; quizzes; sports activities (ask the entertainment staff for more details).

    • Are there any kind of daytime activities during port days?

      Entertainment varies between itineraries. Activities are also scheduled during port days, including but not limited to: professional  dance classes;  fitness  classes; games, and so on.

    • Are there additional costs for the performances?

      It is free for guests to attend the performances held on board MSC cruise ships.

    • Is there a fee for the 4D cinema on board?

      Yes, the fee for the 4D cinema onboard MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida is €6 per person. Please note that rates may be subject to change.

    • What type of shows can I expect on board?

      A diverse variety of performances is programmed for each evening: international musicals, classic and modern songs, dance, mime acts, magicians and jugglers. The entertainment staff will do their utmost to make every cruise enjoyable. The evening performance is announced in the daily on board programme, which is delivered to the cabin.

    • Is it necessary to make reservations for the theatre?

      MSC Cruises has built large theatres on all ships to ensure every guests has a comfortable, quality seat. Guests can attend one of the two nightly seating plans, which are identical to the restaurant service seating plans. Performances are repeated twice per evening, which means there is room for everyone. On board of the renewed MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica ships, there can be up to three seating’s for the evening shows. On these ships it is possible to book your preferred seating.

    • How can I subscribe my children to the Kids’ clubs?

      You can register your children for the Kids’ Clubs on board or complete the subscription form online before boarding. Once on board just bring us the printed form, along with your Cruise Card and those of your children.

    • What can babies and small children eat on board?

      All children on board our ships can enjoy delicious, nutritious dishes and varied, fun main courses. Our huge menu selection is designed according to children's tastes as well as their nutritional needs.

    • What kind of on board entertainment is available for the younger guests?

      There are ad-hoc programmes designed for every age group, as well as sports competitions, contests, quizzes, treasure hunts, and games in the swimming pool. A fully-equipped games room is also available with a vast selection of toys selected according to the needs of each age group. These range from board games, draughts, chess, stencils, art, blackboards, modelling clay, colouring, group games and much more.

    • Are the children's activities provided at an additional cost?

      No, the activites are free.

    • Can children register in the MSC Voyagers Club?

      Yes, MSC Voyagers Club membership is open to all ages. However, if you are under 18, subscription can only be completed by a parent or legal guardian.  The following information is required: name, last name and date of birth. Email is optional.

    • Is it possible to leave children on board while parents disembark for an excursion?

      Yes, provided that the miniclub staff is notified one day prior to the excursion.

    • Do you have special security for children?

      Every child is issued with an MSC ID wristband during embarkation. This wristband must be worn at all times during the cruise for security. On board MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview, MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa, we offer Digital wristbands (for a fee), allowing you to see exactly where your little ones are at all times.

    • Do you have medical services for children?

      Every ship in the MSC Cruises fleet has a well-equipped modern Medical Centre on board. The Medical Centre is staffed by fully-qualified personnel, and benefits from 24/7 specialist paediatric telemedicine support. Over-the-counter medicines can be purchased on board.

    • What about help warming infant milk formulas and baby foods?

      All our restaurants and 24-hour Cabin Service are ready and happy to help, ensuring you can feed your baby swiftly on demand, for their and your own comfort.

    • Do you provide any equipment for parents with young children?

      We do everything we can to make life easier and as comfortable as possible for all our guests. Partnering with world-leader Chicco, we provide a limited quantity of beautifully-designed bottle warmers, strollers, bouncers and backpacks on board for your combined comfort and convenience. Among the shops on board, you’ll find a Chicco corner with a selection of great products for babies and toddlers, including nappies.
      Also a limited number of cots and highchairs are available on board, although please be prepared for increased demand for these during the high season. Please be sure that the travel agency sends your request for these items at the time of booking via e-mail.

    • How can we celebrate my child’s birthday while onboard?

      If you’re celebrating your child’s birthday during your cruise, you can make it even more fun by ordering a special Doremi cake. Just contact the Reception - Guest Service or the Maître d’hôtel for details.

    • What are my main duties as a parent/ legal guardian with a minor on board?

      Minors onboard must be supervised by a parent or a legal guardian at all times and are welcome at the activities onboard or at shore excursions, provided that a parent or legal guardian is present. Guests under the age of 18 are prohibited from disembarking the ship unless accompanied by a legal guardian or an adult duly authorised from the legal guardian to accompany the minor, by virtue of an official consent of the latter. Children cannot remain onboard if their parents or legal guardian go ashore, unless expressly authorized by the onboard staff.

    • Do you have a cashless payment system for children on board?

      Yes, we have our safe and convenient MySmartCard.
      This fun prepaid card of €50, €100 or €150 can be used by children to make small purchases on board and doubles up as a cabin key. Without MySmartCard parents authorize all purchases made by their children on board without any spending limits. You can purchase the MySmartCard directly on board at Reception - Guest Service.

    • What about swimming pool hygiene and safety?

      We have clear and simple rules to ensure pool safety. Babies in nappies are not allowed in the water and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Swimming caps are optional, but flip-flops should be worn around the pool (and can be purchased in the shops on board).

    • Are there any areas not accessible by minors?


    • What is Satellite Internet Access and how does it work?

      When at sea, it is not possible to access the internet using a high-speed broadband connection as you would on land. Instead, internet connectivity on board is provided by links between the ship and communications satellites in orbit far above the Earth.

    • Why is Satellite Internet Access slower than a normal connection on land?

      Your internet data needs to travel vast distances between the ship’s antennae and the nearest satellite, and it needs an unobstructed line of sight between them.
      A number of things may interfere with this, like storms and large objects that can block the signal, such as steep mountains close to the ship or tall buildings in ports. This interference can result in slow response times or even the system becoming unresponsive.

    • When is the best/worst time to use Satellite Internet Access?

      The peak use periods for internet use on board tend to be first thing in the morning or when large numbers of guests return from shore excursions. During these periods, congestion can make internet access slower, just as it would on land.
      It is therefore best to avoid these periods if possible.

    • Where is Satellite Internet Access available on board?

      Satellite Internet Access is available in all public areas of the ship and in most cabins, including all MSC Yacht Club suites. All you need is one of our Satellite Internet Access packages and a mobile internet device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).
      You can also access the internet without the need for a mobile device, by using the computers in the Internet Café on board.

    • Which Satellite Internet Access packages are available?

      We offer a choice of three different packages to suit different needs and numbers of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). They are all available either per day or, at a reduced rate, for the whole of your cruise. 
      Social: Access for 1 device to social networks and chat apps — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat Pinterest, VK, Odnoklassniki, Sinaweibo, Qzone and Line.
      Surfer: Access for up to 2 devices to social networks, chat apps, email and web browsing with standard bandwidth priority. Limit of 170 MB per day or 800 MB per cruise**. Streamer: Full internet access for up to 4 devices, including audio and video streaming, with maximum bandwidth priority. Limit of 340 MB per day 1.5 GB per cruise**
      **limits valid for 7-day cruises. The MB of each “per cruise” package depends on the length of the cruise

    • How much does each Satellite Internet Access package cost?

      Each of our packages is available either per day or, at a reduced rate, for the whole of your cruise. The “per cruise” rate is based on the length of the cruise.  To see prices for a specific cruise, go to the “Enrich your cruise” section of the website or consult the ship's network while on board.

    • Can I change from one package to another?

      Yes, it is possible to change from a "per day" to a "per cruise" package. You can also upgrade to a more comprehensive package either for a single day or for the duration of the cruise. If you purchase a "per cruise" package and subsequently choose to upgrade to a more comprehensive package for a single day, you will revert to your original profile once the 24-hour upgrade period has expired.

    • Can I access the internet on board even if I don’t have a mobile device?

      Yes, you can access the internet without the need for a mobile device, by using the computers in the Internet Café on board.

    • Do you also offer “per minute” Satellite Internet Access packages?

      All our packages for mobile devices offer Satellite Internet Access either for 1 day or for the entire cruise. If you want to access the internet for just a short time you can use the Internet Café, where you pay a fixed amount for the first 10 minutes and a per-minute rate thereafter.

    • Why is Satellite Internet Access more expensive than a normal connection on land?

      Providing internet access on board via the ship’s satellite connectivity involves significant investment in cutting-edge technology. The fees charged to those using the Satellite Internet Access service help cover the considerable costs of providing the service.

    • Is the price for Satellite Internet Access the same on every ship?

      Yes, our package prices are the same for all of our Guests on every ship in our fleet. The price of "per cruise" packages depends on the length of the cruise.

    • Why does my internet connection cut off after [XX] minutes?

      When a user is logged on, updates and apps running in the background can increase traffic even when he/she is not actively using the internet. In order to reduce congestion and speed up internet access for active users, the system will automatically disconnect each user after XX minutes.
      To avoid being disconnected, you can return to this page before the XX minutes have elapsed and RESET the countdown.
      If you are automatically logged out by the system, you can reactivate your connection by simply clicking START.

    • The package details include an allowance of MB per day/per cruise. What is a MB?

      MB stands for 'megabyte', which means 1 million bytes. It is a measure of the amount of information sent or received across an internet connection.

    • What happens if I use up all the MB allowance included in my package?

      Yes, if you have purchased a Surfer Package or Streamer Package and you use up all the available MB, you can purchase an additional MB allowance, which will allow you to continue accessing the internet.

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  • Austria

    MSC Kreuzfahrten (Austria) GmbH 

    Mariahilferstraße 103/3/2 

    1060 Wien

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  • Belgium

    MSC Cruises Belgium  
    Boulevard de l’Humanité 65 
    1601 RUISBROEK 
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    Usit Colours

    building Bulgaria 2000, 1 Yoan Pavel II Sq., Sofia

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    Premier Tours 

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    Travel Holidays Ltd.

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    Europa Tour Professional

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    Travel agency Blue Seas Ltd

    Varna, Bulgaria 

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    Ltd 92 Levski Bld 

    1504, Sofia Bulgaria

    Phone: +359 24640400/1/2 - +359 24640405

    Cruise GURU 

    14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.,fl. 5, office 519

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    Riviera Tour
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    Vsetín Czech Republic
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    Rudolf Reisen
    Komenskeho 15 
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    Czech Republic
    TEL: +420 724 006 193
    Cestovní kancelář FISCHER, a.s.
    CITY EMPIRIA, Na Strži 65/1702, 140 62 Praha 4
    Czech Republic
    Tel.: +420 221 636 119
    ESO travel outgoing touroperator
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    Czech Republic
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    J&M Cruise
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    Czech Republic
    +420 722 943 700
    JOHOHO v.o.s.
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    Czech Republic
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    Orbis Link, s.r.o.
    Hradešínská 2144/47
    101 00 Praha 10 - Vinohrady
    Czech Republic
    Tel.: 00420 271 751 490 
    PT Tours International s.r.o.
    Havlíčkova 15 (2.patro)
    110 00 Praha 1 
    Czech Republic 
    Tel: (00420) 257 225 467
  • Croazia | Bosnia | Serbia | Slovenia

    MSC Krstarenja doo
    Sv Kriza 3
    HR 20 000 Dubrovnik
    Office Split
    Gat sv. Duje 1 (Trajektni terminal)
    HR 21000 Split - Croatia

    Office Zagreb
    Jurišićeva 19 (Rotonda centar III. kat)
    HR 10000 Zagreb  - Croatia 

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    33B, Ayias Zonis Str
    PO Box 53081 3300 Limassol - Cyprus
    Phone:+ 357 25818681
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  • France

    MSC Croisières
    5 rue Barbès
    92120 Montrouge - France

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    MSC Kreuzfahrten GmbH
    Garmischerstraße 7
    80339 München

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    193, Kifisias Avenue & 24, Iereos Dousi Str, Marousi, 

    151 24, Athens, Greece 

    T: +30 210 32 59 900 

    F: +30 210 32 59 999



    BlueSun Travel & Consulting  

    A: 3, Stadiou St. - 1st Floor

    Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece 10562

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    22, Filellinon Str.
    10557 Athens - Greece
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    83, Iroon Politechniou Ave.
    GR 185 36 Piraeus, Greece
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  • Hungary

    VISTA (MSC Partners)
    Andrassy ut 1
    H-1061 Budapest - Hungary
    Phone: +36 4299747
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    MAHART TOURS (MSC Partners)
    Belgrád rakpart - Nemzetközi Hajóállomás 
    H-1056 Budapest- Hungary
    Phone: +36 14844012
    Fax: +36 12664223

    FOR TWO UTAZÁSI IRODA Kft. (MSC Partners) 

    Nagyszombat U.1
    H -1037 Budapest - Hungary
    Phone: +361 430 1778

    Fax: +361 430 1778


    CHEMOL TRAVEL (Marshaller Kft.) (MSC Partners)

    Csalogány utca 36.

    H-1015 Budapest, Hungary

    Phone: +36 1 445 06 80



    OTP Travel Ltd. (MSC Partners)
    Nádor utca 2
    H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
    Phone: +36-1-354-7339

    NUR NECKERMANN Kft (MSC Partners)
    Dayka Gábor u. 5.
    H-1118 Budapest, Hungary
    Phone: + 36 40 244 444

    IBUSZ Kft.

    1118 Budapest, Dayka Gábor utca 3.

    Tel:  +36 1 485 2778

    Last Call Travel Kft. 

    1138 Budapest, Meder u.8/D fszt.

    Phone +36 1 555 4050

    iWi tour - s.r.o

    Phone: +36 1550 7355


    +36 144 53618

    Tensi Holiday

    H-1023 Budapest, Komjádi B. u. 1.

    Phone:  +36 70 45 45 509

  • Italy

    MSC Crociere Customer Service 
    Via A. Depretis, 31 
    80133 Napoli Italia 
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  • Latvia

    Cruiselines Agency Ltd (MSC Partners)
    Pernavas iela 19-205,
    LV1010 Riga, Latvia
    Phone: +371 67331675
    Fax: +371 67331674

    Pegasus International (MSC Partners) 

    11 Kalku iela,
    LV-1050 Riga, Latvia
    Phone: +371 67357733

    Baltic GSA, SIA

    Skolas iela 21-203a

    LV-1010, Riga, Latvia

    Phone: +371-6789 8830


  • Lithuania

    S. Zukausko 35-99
    Vilnius 09129, Lithuania
    Phone: + 370 5 2430636
    Phone: + 370 607 92223
    Fax: +370 5 2430661

    TRAVEL AGENCY "West Express" Vilnius
    Phone: +370 52122500

    Baltic GSA, SIA

    Skolas iela 21-203a

    LV-1010, Riga, Latvia

    Phone: +371-6789 8830


  • Malta

    Hamilton Travel Co. Ltd. (MSC Partners)
    4 St. Publius Street
    Floriana FRN 1443- Malta
    Phone: +356-21-241292/249543
    Fax: +356-21-226430/223598
  • Netherlands

    MSC Cruises the Netherlands B.V.
    Kruisweg 825-A
    2132 NG  Hoofddorp

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  • Poland

    VENITI TOUR SAFPOL Travel Sp. z o.o. (MSC Partners)
    ul. Pańska 96 lok. 38
    00-837 Warszawa, Poland
    Phone: + 48 226306333
    Fax: + 48 226306334

    Biuro Podrozy Niebieska Mila ul.Wschowska 9
    60-164 Poznan, Poland
    Phone: +48 061 861 42 00
    Fax: +48 061 868 56 38

    Zory 44-240, ul. Moniuszko 15
    44-200 Rybnik, ul. Korfantego 1, Poland
    Phone: +48 (32) 43 52 344 (ext. 116)
    Phone: +48 (32) 43 52 344

    MARCO POLO TRAVEL Sp. Zo.o. (MSC Partners)
    ul. Woronicza 15
    02-625 Warszawa, Poland
    Phone: +48 22 492 77 90
    Fax: + 48 22 567 31 01

    Magazine Italian Style (MSC Partners)
    Ul. Sw Mikolaja 59-60
    50-127 Wroclaw, Poland
    Phone: +48 697250399

    Adventure & Cruises -

    ul. Rakoczego 9 U5

    80-288 Gdansk

    tel. +48 58 690 49 49


    Al. Jerozolimskie 151 lok. 7U

    02-326 Warszawa 

    Tel. +48 22 402 6764

    TRAVELINC Sp. z o.o. 

    ul. Głowackiego 4/15, 30-085 Kraków 

    Tel : 12 345 26 29

    Sonriso Travel in Style

    Al. Jerozolimskie 61 | 00-697 Warszawa

    Tel.   +48 22 206 45 02

  • Portugal

    MSC Cruzeiros Portugal
    Empreendimento Alcantara-Rio, Rua Fradesso de Silveira nº 4 - 1ºA
    1300-609 Lisbon, Portugal 

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  • Romania

    Cruise Hub

    Str. Mantuleasa nr. 31, et.1, sect. 2 

    Bucuresti, 023963

    Telefon: +40 21 316 7306

    Fax: +40 21 316 7308 Cluj-Napoca (MSC Partners)

    Portile de Fier Street nr. 15, 

    400569, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Phone: +40 264 593 772

    Fax: +40 364 819 706 Bucuresti (MSC Partners)

    Str. Benjamin Franklin nr. 9, sector 1

    010288, Bucuresti, Romania

    Phone: +40 314 259 795

    Fax: +40 371 434 369 Constanta (MSC Partners)

    Blvd. Tomis nr. 65

    900725, Constanta, Romania

    Phone: +40 241 660 116

    Fax: +40 241 520 101 Brasov (MSC Partners)

    Str. Muresenilor nr. 3, ap. 4

    500026, Brasov, Romania

    Phone: +40 368 005 364

    Fax: +40 364 819 706

    Happy Tour (MSC Partners)
    Metropolis Center str Grigore Alexandrescu 89-97 etaj 4
    Aripa Vest sector 1 011033 Bucarest, Romania
    Phone:+4021 3070601
    Fax:+4021 3070640

    Perfect Tour (MSC Partners)
    26 Sevastapol St
    010992 Bucharest Romania
    Phone:+40 314022458
    Fax:+40 213119954

    Aerotravel (MSC Partners) 

    Calea Victoriei 91-93,
    sector 1, 010067 Bucharest, Romania
    Phone:+40 213167306
    Fax:+40 213167303

    Carpatour (MSC Partners)
    Bld. 15 Noiembrie, 1
    Brasov, Romania
    Phone/ Fax: +40 (268) 471 057

    Ship Travel International (MSC Partners)
    Str N Titulescu nr 6
    810268 Braila Romania
    Phone:+40 0239689800
    Fax:+40 0239692158

    4 U travel (MSC Partners) 

    16, Londra Street, ap 6
    011763, Bucharest Romania
    Phone/ Fax: +40.72.334433
    Happy Cruises 
    Str. Dr. Felix nr. 57, etaj 1, sector 1, 
    Bucuresti, Romania 
    Phone +40 31 403 5073   
    Fax+40 31 403 5079       

    Pegas Holiday SC 
    Pegas Holiday SRL - 
    Calea Dorobantilor, nr 54 
    Sector 1, 010574 Bucarest
    RO-400001 Cluj Napoca // Calea Motilor 45
     T: (+)40.264.593.114 
     F: (+)40.264.593.114 // M: (+)40.746.056.627 |
    Calea Mosilor - Intrarea General Ipatescu, Nr. 3
    024059 Bucuresti, Romania
  • Russia

    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus
    Lubyansky proezd 21-5 
    101000 Moscow, Russia 
    Phone: +7 4959330950 
    Fax: +7 4959330952
  • Scandinavia

    MSC Cruises Scandinavia AB

    Karlavägen 104, plan 5

    115 26 Stockholm (Sweden) 

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  • Slovakia

    One World Travel
    KRIZNA 5-7
    BRATISLAVA 81107
    Slovak republic
    Phone +4342122086200
    I WI Travel 
    KOMENSKEHO 135/18
    CADCA 02201
    Slovak republic
    phone: +421905302880
    Mileticova 1
    824 72 Bratislava 
    Slovak republic
    tel. +421 2 501 131 
  • Spain

    C/AREQUIPA, 1 -  4ª
    28043 Madrid - Espana

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  • Switzerland

    MSC Kreuzfahrten AG
    Stockerstrasse 23
    8002 Zürich - Schweiz

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  • Turkey

    MSC Cruises Turkey
    İstanbul / Merkez

    Altunizade Mah. Ord. Prof. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay 
    Cad. No: 25/6 Kat: 3 
    34662 Üsküdar, İstanbul
    Phone: +90 (850) 420.96.00
    Fax: +90 (216) 474.56.98

  • Ukraine

    PAC GROUP (MSC Partners)
    Melnikova str., 83D, office 609
    04119, Kiev, Ukraine
    Phone: +38044 2062080
    Fax: +38044 2062080
    Polskay str., 20 office 11
    65014, Odessa, Ukraine
    Phone: +38048 7972695
    Center Cruises of Odessa Ltd. 
    Uspenskaya 9
    65014 Odessa-Ukraine
    Phone: +38 048 7373 431
  • United Kingdom & Ireland

    MSC Cruises Ltd.

    5 Roundwood Avenue 

    Stockley Park


    UB11 1AF - Great Britain UK 

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  • USA

    MSC Cruises USA INC.
    6750 North Andrews Avenue, Suite 100
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida FL 33309 USA

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  • Argentina

    MSC Cruceros S. A.
    Marcelo T. de Alvear 624 - 1° Piso
    C1058AAH Buenos Aires - Argentina

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  • Brazil

    Av. Ibirapuera 2332 - 6th floor - tower #2
    04028-003 SAO PAULO - SP -Brazil

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  • Mexico

    MSC Cruceros
    Union 2 Esq. Benjamin Franklin - Col. Escandon
    C. P. 11800 Mexico D.F.

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  • Egypt

    MSC Company Egypt
    55, El Sultan Street
    PO Box: 670 Alexandria - Egypt

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  • Israel

    MSC Israel Ltd
    Beit Amot 157 Jaffa Rd
    31339 Haifa - Israel
    Phone : +972-4-8549046
    Fax : +972-4-8510161


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  • Jordan

    Santa Fé Travel and Tourism (MSC Partner)
    4th Floor, Amman Gate Bldg., Harem Bin Qutbah St. - Al Sahe

    Amman - Jordan 

    Phone: + 962 6 5859998 
    Fax : +962 6 5859958    


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  • Lebanon

    MSC Lebanon Cruises Division
    Gemaizeh, St. Famille Str. Marine Tower, 2nd Floor

    Beirut - Lebanon

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  • Morocco

    Sky Holidays (MSC Partners)
    7, Rue George Sand Val Fleuri
    PO Box 60014 Casablanca - Morocco 
    Phone: +212- 522 99 10 99
    Fax : +212- 522 98 23 04

    Equinox 5 (MSC Partners)
    5, Avenue Annakhil
    hay Riad, Rabat- Morocco
    Phone: + 212 537563060

    TUT Travel&Tourism-16 Rue Tanta (Derriere Hotel Balima) 
    Rabat Maroc   
  • South Africa

    MSC Cruises South Africa 

    Johannesburg:1 Wessels Road, Rivonia - South Africa 
    Durban: 33 Claribel Road, Morningside - South Africa 
    Cape town :Block C Ground Floor, Lagoon - South Africa 

    Beach Office Park, Cnr Boundry Rd & Marine Drive, Milnerton

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  • Tunisia

    D' Alessandro Travel (MSC Partners)  
    45, Av. Habib Bourguiba - Le Colisée
    Tunis - Tunisia
    Phone: + 216 71 33 95 00
    Fax: + 216 71 35 12 59

    Orange Travel Group - Orange Cruises (Tunisie) S.A. (MSC Partners)
    41, Rue d'Iran
    1002 Tunis, Tunisie
    Phone: + 216 71 831 141
    Fax: + 216 71 831 132

    Julia Tours and cruises (MSC Partners) 
    130, Av. De la Republique
    La Goulette 2060 - Tunis, Tunisie

    Decouvertes de Sotuvit (MSC Partners) 
    4 Avenue des Etats Unis, 1002 Tunis
    Phone: + 216 22301190
    Fax: + 216 71905297

    81 Avenue Khereddine Pacha – 
    Pacha Center -Entrée A – 5° 
    Etage Tunis 1073  
    Phone+216 58309960
  • United Arab Emirates

    Sharaf Travel (MSC Partners)
    Near Burjuman Centre
    Khalid Bin Waleed Street
    P.O.Box 21593, Bur Dubai, Dubai U.A.E.
    Phone: +971 (0)4 3966969 
    Fax: +971 (0)4 3975377
  • Australia & New Zealand

    MSC Cruises (Australia) Pty Ltd.
    Suite 532 5 Lime Street, King Street Wharf
    Sydney NSW 2000- Australia

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  • Bangladesch

    Marco Shipping Company Limited 
    Rupayan Karim Tower (4th floor)80, 
    VIP Road, Kakrail, Dakha-1000 
    General email
  • China (PRC)

    MSC Cruises Travel Agent (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
    Room 1608, SIPG Tower, 358 Dongdaming Road, 200080
    200080 Shanghai-China
    Fax: +86 21 35308393
  • India

    Sharaf Travels Pvt. Ltd.

    MSC House, Opp. Divine Child High School,

    Andheri Kurla Road,

    Andheri (E),

    Mumbai – 400059,


    Phone:  +91-22-67313053/56/58

    Fax:        +91-22-67313010

  • Japan

    MSC Cruises Japan Ltd  

    Suhara Roppongi Bldg.1F, 3-3-27 Roppongi, Minato-ku

    Tokyo, 106-0032 Japan

    Click here for more details

  • Kazakhstan

    Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
    Zhibek-Zholy hwy. 135
    A05K8B4 Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Phone: +7 7273645343
    Fax: +7 7273645343
    Dostyk str. 20
    Z05H9M7 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
    Phone: +7 7172570568
    Fax: +7 7172 570531
  • Korea

    ICK (International Cruise Korea) ( MSC Partners)

    21F, S-Tower, 82 Saemunanro , Jongro-gu, Seoul  03185, Korea.

    Phone : + 82.2.767.2661  

    Fax : +82-2-767-2703

  • Singapore

    Modern Shipping Travels
    Pte Ltd 3, Shenton Way 15-12
    Shenton House Singapore 068805
  • Sri Lanka

    Travel House- Nkar Travels & Tours (Pvt) Ltd (MSC Partners)
    45, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 07
    Sri Lanka
    Tel: +94 11 2564584
    Fax:  +94 11 2564587

    Jetwing Travels (MSC Partners)
    Jetwing House 46/26 Navam Mawatha
    Colombo 2 - Sri Lanka
    Phone: + 94 11 234 5723

  • Thailand

    SEA Tours (MSC Partners)
    Suite No. 88-92, 8th floor
    Payatai Plaza 128
    Phyathai Road, Rajthavee
    Bangkok 10400 - Thailand
    Phone: +66 022165783-93
    Fax: +66 053271401

    JOYFUL TRAVEL (MSC Partners)   
    88 SSP Bldg 3 Silom Khwang Suriyawong Khet Bang Rak
    Bangkok 10500 - Thailand
    Phone:+66 2634 2300
    Fax: +66 2634 2299