Cruise Embarkation

Your check-in process begins at the check-in time shown on your cruise ticket. A dedicated check-in slot is assigned to you by default by MSC Cruises, but it could be changed during the web check-in, choosing from those available.


Please note, if you arrive before your dedicated check-in slot opens you may be requested to wait outside of the terminal building. In the event you arrive after your dedicated check-in slot closes you may be denied embarkation. Check-in and boarding close 2 hours before the ship’s departure.


The ship’s departure and arrival times shown on your ticket or in the MSC for ME app are estimated and might differ from those indicated, which is why it is essential you adhere to your check-in slot.


Before arriving at the port, please ensure that all personal details shown on the embarkation form in your e-ticket are checked and correct. You will be required to show your embarkation form (on paper or digital version) or your personal QR code before boarding. 

Don’t forget/leave your and your companions IDs and Visa (if required) in the hold luggage. Showing ID and Visa (if required) at the check in is mandatory.


We recommend to complete the MSC Web check-in  or via the MSC for Me app (if available) to receive your digital boarding pass ( QR code) for a smoother embarkation.


MSC Yacht Club : As an MSC Yacht Club guest, we welcome you with a bespoke check-in experience. As part of your exclusive privileges, you have the flexibility to check in at your convenience, aligned with the ship’s operational schedule and at least 2 hours prior to the ship’s departure. You will also be personally escorted by a butler to the Top Sail Lounge, where you will be greeted by the Concierge and start a relaxing holiday.

At the terminal

1. Deliver your luggage to the designated staff, who will then have it sent directly to your cabin. All bags must be labelled beforehand with your name and surname, the name of the ship, the cabin number and the date and port of departure.

Luggage will be delivered directly to the cabin. The expected delivery timeframe is from late afternoon through early evening. We recommend keeping any items needed for embarkation day and evening in your carry-on bag including clothes for the evening and any medications.

2. Proceed to check-in area with all personal travel documents required for the cruise, show staff the embarkation form or your personal QR code either on your cruise ticket or via the MSC for Me app.
Staff will check your personal documents and they will take your security picture, if you have not already done so via the MSC for Me app  or through the
web check-in (if available).


MSC Yacht Club: Upon arrival, as an MSC Yacht Club guest, you shall proceed to the MSC Yacht Club luggage drop off area (where available) identified with the MSC Yacht Club branded gazebo. While your luggage is processed, refreshments and snacks are available for you to enjoy in the designated MSC Yacht Club lounge. Following swift check-in procedures, our attentive butler team will ensure your seamless passage through security to the ship, where you will be escorted directly to the Top Sail Lounge. Your embarkation check-in time can be found on your cruise ticket. However, as an MSC Yacht Club guest, you have the flexibility to check in at your convenience, aligned with the ship’s operational schedule and at least 2 hours prior to the ship’s departure. Please note, actual ship timings may vary from the itinerary due to operational requirements such as adverse weather or local authorities' stipulations.

3. Proceed to the security control. Please note that staff may search you and/or your luggage and confiscate any articles that could represent a safety risk.


4. Board the ship where staff will scan your embarkation form or your personal QR code and then proceed to your cabin..

On Board

5. Go to your cabin. You will find your Cruise card hanging on your door - it will serve as your cabin key, can also be used to pay for products and services on board.


MSC Yacht Club: As an MSC Yacht Club guest, you are personally escorted on board to the Top Sail Lounge. Here, our Concierge greets you and provides a brief introduction and personalized recommendations to enhance their cruise experience. While awaiting your suite, you can begin enjoying the exclusive private venues: sipping cocktails in the Top Sail Lounge or at the MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar outside, savoring your first gourmet lunch at the MSC Yacht Club restaurant, or relaxing by the One Pool, taking a refreshing dip, or sunbathing on one of our numerous sunbeds.


6. Activate your Cruise Card for onboard purchases. (See the Onboard Payment section below for further information on how to do this.)


7. Take part in the obligatory safety drill.

Fly & Cruise Embarkation

For cruises including flight connections, guests should check-in on the airline website anytime from 23 hours before departure or at the airline Check-In desk at least two hours before the flight. On arrival at the destination airport, Guests will find cruise assistance and transfers to the port (3 hours prior to scheduled departure time unless otherwise specified).

- Departing from Genoa

At Genoa Airport, a comfortable MSC Lounge and MSC Terrace are available for the exclusive use of our Guests, on days when our ships are operating from the port of Genoa. They are situated in the Departures area above the Check-In desks, near the airport restaurant/buffet. The MSC Terrace is open in the spring and summer months, weather permitting. An MSC Ground Hostess is always on hand to assist you and provide information on flights, etc.