Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles

A dream for every tourist
The mysterious Mexican Costa Maya
A world made of colonial villages, rum and pirate coves

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Caribbean, Cuba and the Antilles Cruises

A dream location
A dream location

Undoubtedly the Caribbean has always represented one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations in the world, a dream for every tourist looking to relax in magnificent settings, long stretches of white sandy beaches, palm trees, exotic fruit, the coral reef, bustling with multi-coloured tropical fish and a turquoise colour sea.

 It is difficult, if not impossible, not to be stunned by the magnificent spectacle offered by these islands, from Barbados to Martinique, from Jamaica to Cuba, from St. Lucia to the Bahamas, from Guadeloupe to Trinidad and Tobago, where you can let yourself go to the sound of the lapping waves and, why not, indulge in shopping and night life in trendy Miami or the mysterious Mexican Costa Maya.

All this surrounded by an atmosphere which seems to have stopped the clock, leading the traveller to an ancient world made of colonial villages, rum plantations and pirate coves.

Ports in the Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles