Sleeping like a dream every night on board

MSC cares for every aspect of its guests' wellbeing. Day and night. Which is why we've chosen a leading partner to ensure you get the best possible sleep to enjoy your holiday to the full. Dorelan has been an Italian leader in premium-quality designer beds, ergonomic mattresses, bed bases and pillows for over 50 years, with every product uncompromisingly designed for maximum comfort.

Sleep well to live better

Deep, healthy, restorative sleep is essential for our physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. The fresh energy we bring to everything throughout the day, enabling us to keep in good health, depends on the quality of our sleep and time relaxing. Restful sleep is a unique source of physical and mental energy. Download our sleep guide for the secrets to a better night's sleep.


The bed system

A good bed system is one of the main factors responsible for our body's wellbeing during sleep. By "bed system" we mean everything, taken altogether, that ensures our resting comfort: the mattress, pillow and bed base or bed. To benefit from truly restorative sleep, all these elements need to work together in close synergy to meet all our different needs.


Looking to the future

MSC Cruises and Dorelan share a quest for excellence and top quality that we pursue every day. Through research, technology and innovation that ensures we stay in the lead. We look to the future, to new ships, new destinations and wider horizons to explore. MSC & DORELAN together. On the one hand, a passion for voyaging the world by sea, discovering new cultures, flavours and beauty, immersed in comfort, pampered and relaxed. On the other, a quest for deeper wellbeing that analyses our comfort requirements for sleep quality, the foundation of quality of life.