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10 benefits of sailing from Southampton
10 benefits of sailing from Southampton

Posted 14 July, 2017

So, what is all the fuss about? Why is sailing from Southampton such a great way to start your holiday? Read on to find out. 

From later this year (September 2017), you will be able to enjoy cruises from Southampton aboard the MSC Preziosa. Next year (2018), sailings from the port will also include MSC Magnifica, with a number of itineraries available. So, what is all the fuss about? Why is sailing from Southampton such a great way to start your holiday? Read on to find out. 

1. Fewer baggage restrictions We have all been there before a flight - sitting on a suitcase to try and make it close properly or hoping that the attendant at check-out will turn a blind eye to the extra weight. It is much more generous on a cruise, where you are allowed two suitcases, as well as two pieces of hand luggage with each of these bags up to 23kg. So, cutting out the flight will mean you can bring that extra pair of shoes for gala night. 

2. No toddler tantrums on long plane journeys Long flights can be particularly difficult for families with young children, as trying to get them to stay still and quiet in such a confined space is a tall order. This means that not only do parents start their holiday with the seemingly impossible task of keeping them entertained, they have to think about doing it all again at the end. Not with a no-fly cruise from Southampton - they don’t have this worry. Shorter flights from other parts of the UK are more manageable, while transfers are also possible. 

3. No restrictions due to medical conditions Fear of flying is well-documented and can mean many people shy away from going to exciting destinations. Others may not be allowed to fly due to health conditions, but sailing from Southampton opens up the world without having to step foot on a plane. The train station is not far from the cruise terminal and coach trips available from all over the UK are a great option in this scenario. 

4. No middle of the night departures Cruises set sail at sociable hours of the day, meaning you do not have to get up very early in the morning or even in the middle of the night to catch your departure. This is much better for children and adults alike. 

5. Fewer possibilities of flight delays When flying long-distance to reach your cruise port, it is always a good idea to arrive with a day to spare. If you would like to avoid putting your cruise at jeopardy, always get the fly-cruise package. That way MSC Cruises will offer protection if any flight issues occur. 

6. No need to worry about connections Once you arrive at Southampton for your cruise, you can hop on board and get settled. There is no need to change craft partly through the journey and you can start the important business of relaxing and enjoying your holiday, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of. 

7. Plenty of itineraries to choose from Whether you want to explore the cities of northern Europe, France and Spain, or even Germany, there is plenty of choice when it comes to itineraries from Southampton. This means you can choose destinations you have never been to before or return to the places that you know and love. There is a wide variety of choice when it comes down to the duration of your holiday as well. You can pick anything from 7, 9, 11, and even 14 night cruise for maximum relaxation. 

8. The beauty of MSC Magnifica When it comes to choosing a ship to cruise in, then they don’t get much better than MSC Magnifica. You’ll find fantastic luxury on board - 65% of her cabins having balconies and a variety of different cuisines, meaning you can truly enjoy the elegance of setting sail and indulge in her delicious food onboard. 

9. Dedicated cruise terminals Southampton is known as the cruise capital of the UK, due to the fantastic infrastructure that has been put in place and the staff that turn things around pretty quickly. This means you can expect an efficient and hassle-free start to your holiday as well as enjoy the car parking package MSC offers 

10. Great all-inclusive deals If all of the reasons above were not enough, there are some great all-inclusive drinks package available for Magnifica departures from Southampton. So, book your 2018 cruise from Southampton now.

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