Meet Zoe, your personal assistant aboard MSC Bellissima!

In a few months, the newest addition to the MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Bellissima, will be launched and we are looking forward for you to discover it. Travelling across the Mediterranean sea from Spring to Autumn 2019, you will enjoy its 20 bars, 10 restaurants, 2 pools and a themed water park, as well as the ultimate range of entertainment. Aboard MSC Bellissima, you will find a spectacular 96-metre promenade filled with boutiques and restaurants under an LED dome that provides warm sunrises and starry nights as backdrops for you to shop under. For those who want to relax, we’ve provided you with more space than ever, whether it’s on the open-air deck next to the horizon pool or in the MSC Aurea Spa. Able to dock at any cruise port in the world, MSC Bellissima can truly take you around the Mediterrean sea, from Malta to Sicily, in comfort and style! 

The first digital cruise personal assistant

Perhaps the most exciting addition to MSC Bellissima will be the state-of-the-art technology we have incorporated to make it the most innovative ship sailing the seas today. Our MSC for Me technology interconnects our guests with the crew and the ship, putting control of your holiday at your fingertips. The highlight of MSC for Me is undoubtedly Zoe, the industry’s first digital cruise personal assistant. This bespoke device will be available in your room: you will just need to speak out and Zoe will provide all the info you need. The highest standard of quick customer service, but from the comfort of your own suite and thanks to a programme tailored specifically to you. Our aim is always to provide you with an easy and stress-free solution for everyday holiday questions and doubts

This technology compliments everything that we at MSC Cruises aim to achieve for our guests during their time with us - a luxurious experience free from the stresses of everyday life. Our technology has interactive maps to guide you around the ship and online booking services for our restaurants. It can also provide tailored agendas, factoring in everything from your favourite movies to your wine preferences, which Zoe can organize with our staff on your behalf. 

Come March 2019, you’ll be able to experience MSC Bellissima and her technological wonders for yourself when she launches in Southampton, UK. If you’d like to secure your place on board this innovative vessel, sales are already open for MSC Bellissima’s inaugural season. Book now, and travel the world whilst experiencing all that this new, game-changing ship has to offer.