Star chef Roy Yamaguchi is the latest to join the kitchens of MSC Cruises.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Yamaguchi often visited his grandparents on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where he cultivated a love of Hawaiian food. He translated that love into a celebrated culinary career, attending the Culinary Institute of America and graduating when he was only 19 years old.

Known for his “Hawaiian Fusion® Cuisine”, Yamaguchi kicked off his culinary career in Los Angeles as La Serene’s executive chef, later leaving for Santa’s Monica’s famous Michael’s restaurant. 

But it wasn’t until he opened his first restaurant, 385 North, and then his 37-locations restaurant “Roy”, that his Hawaiian Fusion cuisine became a trademark of his craft.
But don’t think of many restaurants, all with the same menu. At every “Roy’s” will you find both the chef’s trademark dishes and dishes created autonomously by the local sous-chefs, which Roy spends months training personally.

In addition to the success of his restaurants, Yamaguchi has enjoyed crucial acclaim, winning the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Pacific Northwest Chef in 1993, earning the distinction of being the first Hawaiian chef to win the award.

And now, he’s ready to delight your senses on board our new MSC Seaside, to bring an extra spin to our ‘round-the-world World of Choice.

Ittadakimas! *

*Japanese for “Bon Appetit”