MSC Meraviglia is the latest, innovative flagship in the MSC fleet.
It was designed after decades of experience in making dreams come true at sea, and it will be the most revolutionary experience on board a cruise ship.
It will be only the first of the new State-of-Art Ships that will be launched over the next few years. Stay always tuned to discover more!

Let's scroll down all the new fabolous MSC Meraviglia's features:


It’s Social
Meraviglia, “Marvel” in Italian, will be the most sociable ship ever.
Indeed, it was designed to have a lot more room for socialization areas, ranging from architectural innovations like the glass promenade along the sea, down to the central Mall, the lobbies and a spectacular staircase no words can describe.
It’s Surprising
The very architecture of MSC Meraviglia is made to surprise and cuddle.
From the unique seaside promenade, to the spectacular open elevators or the Mall’ LED ceiling, you will see that the same surprise effect you can find in Italy’s most beautiful towns lives in every corner of this ship.
It’s Sunny
Simply put, sunlight feels at home onboard this ship.
The solarium area is to date the biggest ever to sail the seas.
The sun ratio per passenger is the highest you can find.
But what we can’t tell you, is what’s gonna happen when you finally have a perfect tan on: we’ll leave the surprise to you!
It’s Sporty
Relax is good, but relax and fitness are actually better.
That’s why the entire ship is equipped with the latest gym technology, hosted inside a beautiful, panoramic gym.
And, for true fans, check out our whole new sports bar concept.
It’s Exquisite
Not telling you about the Star chefs that will be joining us onboard, yet.
Just imagine you could have the very best, freshly picked from every corner of the world, to bring you authentic and tasty cuisines from the seven seas: from Japan to Brazil, keeping the Italian roots firm and cultivated thanks to Eataly on board.
It’s for all
It really is. MSC Meraviglia is so versatile and spacious it can legitimately offer the ideal vacation to every holiday style, from the secluded MSC Yacht Club, to the bells and whistles of our TV theater or the perfect calm of our relax and spa area.
Discover more on the new MSC Meraviglia website!  
There is no magic this ship can’t work.

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