8 things you didn’t know about LEGO.

No cruise is real fun unless it’s fun for all, especially kids.
That’s why we teamed up with LEGO  to create a wide array of experiences and offers that will unleash your kid’s creativity while you unleash yours in finding the ultimate way to relax.
On our Ships, every day, in a dedicated Play AREA, all kids from 3 to 11 years of age can play with a great selection of LEGO bricks.

Our kids will find a lot of specific activities perfect for their age, as the new LEGO Vertical Play Wall and LEGO Tech Experience for 7-11 aged children and DUPLO Play Pen for our little 5 aged kids.
These are only examples, discover more on our dedicated MSC page

But before you go find out what the LEGO experience is all about, here are some trivia about the World’s favorite game.
“Play Well”
“LEGO” comes from the Danish words “leg godt,” which mean “play well.” Sounds like a good start!
Safer than ever
In 1960 the Danish LEGO factory was ravaged by a fire and most of its toys were burnt.
That’s because, back then, they were still made of wood. And that’s how LEGO decided to swtich its entire production to the colorful plastic we all know.
Fun for all ages
If you happen to find one of your old LEGO bricks, you might as well use it to play with your kids today. Indeed, all LEGO bricks are designed to fit together with the ones from yesteryear, all the way to 1958.
One figure that says it all: on Christmas, 28 LEGO sets are sold every second!
But you don’t have to rush before they run out, we’ve got them all onboard our cruises.
Oh, and with all the bricks sold in one year you can reach five times around the world. That’s a lot, but MSC has travelled a lot further than that ;-)
Stand together, stand tall
While the tallest LEGO tower stands almost 95 feet tall, it couldn’t possibly contain all the 4 Billion LEGO figures designed so far. That’s a lot of mini-people!
Endless combinations in a world of choice
Just pause and think of this for a second: with just 6 eight-studded LEGO bricks you can create 915,103,765 different combinations. Could you possibly get bored?

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