Thanks to our ‘Get on Board for Children’ initiative, each of our guests can contribute a voluntary €1 (or more) donation during a cruise.  Now this partnership with UNICEF, started in 2009, has just hit the €6 million mark! 
Being a family-run business we know the importance of looking after children, especially when in desperate need of help. This is a belief we share with all our guests, who are able contribute €1 or more during the cruise. 
Combatting child malnutrition.

Malnutrition is a terrible condition that effects hundreds of thousands of children worldwide in countries that are devastated by conflicts, natural disasters or food shortages. It leads to long-term illness, disabilities and in many cases, death. 
Since 2009 MSC Cruises has been working with UNICEF to collect food and deliver it to over 40,000 children in Malawi, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia.

Should you wish to find out more on the work we do in partnership with UNICEF and the benefits it brings to communities around the world, you can visit our dedicated website (link) or attend one or more of our on-board “edutainment” activities. These sessions have been specially developed to inform children on board, and their parents, about these problems and understand how they can contribute to the solutions.

Children learn that money itself is a great help, but not the solution. This partnership with UNICEF specifically ensures that collected funds can then be invested in highly nutritional foods, like the peanut butter-based Plumpy’Nut®. Then we make sure it is delivered to the sites where it is most needed thanks to our freight and logistics business.

You and your children can also learn about other projects aimed at helping children in other conditions but who need a helping hand in improving their lives. Ensuring children get a good education is just one example. This is currently happening in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro thanks to your help.

Children who attend these seminars will also receive a UNICEF World Citizen passport that is stamped after each educational activity, making them ambassadors for the rights of children worldwide.

We always welcome your interest and any extra donations you make during your next cruise. We hope that by making you aware of the help you are actively giving to little ones around the globe by ‘getting on board for children’, we will reach the €7 million mark even quicker.

Thank you!