It is not too early to start planning Summer 2018!
MSC Cruises ships await you for 2018 in four of the most loved summer locations around the globe: the East and West Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caribbean sea.
West Mediterranean
In June 2018 the latest newcomer to our fleet, the MSC SEAVIEW, will begin cruising the Mediterranean. Travellers will be welcomed in a state-of-the-art vessel offering the most modern level of design, comfort, relaxation, activities available in cruising today.
The cruise will take passengers on the most popular and loved Mediterranean route, departing from Genoa, sopping over in Naples near the historic Pompei, going on to Messina in Sicily, visiting the UN Heritage treasures of Valletta on the island of Malta to then travel back up north towards the extravagant and very lively cities of Barcellona in Spain and Marseille in France before returning to Genoa. 
On top of the ports visited by MSC SEAVIEW, there are many other destinations to be discovered, depending on the route you select: 
Another three west Mediterranean routes are available on board MSC ARMONIA, MSC FANTASIA and MSC DIVINA
Mahon, the capital of Minorca, with it’s British influences, Cagliari with Roman ruins and old “castello”, Palma de Mallorca with Moorish architecture and a seafront Cathedral, Civitavecchia near Rome, with baroque architecture and a fort by Michelangelo and Palermo, with Sicilian marzipan sweets and ancient street market, are only some of the most notable destinations our itineraries could take you to.

East Mediterranean
Or why not explore the easter side of the Mediterranean basin. MSC MUSICA, MSC POESIA and MSC SINFONIA will sail the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas to take you  along the coasts and islands of Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. 

Depending on the route you choose you could be leaving from the city of canals and gondolas, Venice, and touch cities full of culture like Kotor with St Tryphon’s Cathedral, Athens full of dramatic ruins in the shadow of the Acropolis, Katakolon with a breathtaking temple dedicated to Zeus or Saran with a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing the Roman ruins of Butrint.
As well as culture and beaches, our mediterranean destinations also offer you the chance of immersing yourself in the local atmosphere. This is particularly true for Split with its lively waterfront, Zadar that offers a bustling café life and bar scene, or the maze of small streets and Basilicas in Bari, without forgetting the windmills that make Mykonos so unique.

Different itineraries that will allow you take in the incredible mix of cultures and customs that make up the Mediterranean. Discover them all here
Northern Europe
You could also decide to go to the other side of Europe, up north between the Baltic and the Fjords. Enjoying sceneries and attitudes that have recently become so appreciated they have given birth to the term Scandicool.
MSC MERAVIGLIA will join the fleet in May, adding  a fourth ship to the Nordic fleet made up of MSC ORCHESTRA, MSC PREZIOSA and MSC MAGNIFICA

Inspiring, natural and evocative landscapes are mixed with cities that have a nordic heartbeat that gives a warm welcome to all visitors. From hikes with unique views to museums filled with art, jewels and heritage, there are destinations for all curious visitors. You could venture from the Baltic cities of Stockholm, Helsinki and St Petersburg to way beyond the Nordic Circle to Cape North or the Svalbard Islands. From Fjords that cut into the Scandinavian peninsula for hundreds of kilometres to historic port towns like Copenhagen and Bergen

With its mild summer weather, North Europe is one of the coolest paces to spend your 2018 summer. 
Discover all available itineraries here 
Cuba and Caribbean Sea
MSC SEASIDE will be the 2018 novelty of the Caribbean following its launch in December 2017. It will join forces with the much loved MSC SEASIDE and MSC OPERA to cross the seas once filled with pirates and now the most aspirational of exotic summer locations. 

Beaches, deep blue seas, islands, white sand, creole atmosphere, music, spices and markets describe all the locations covered by our itineraries that cover port towns from Miami to St Maarten, from the coast of Mexico to Jamaica, Nassau, Puerto Rico ; and, of course, wonderful Cuba.
Each with its particular characteristics, but all bathed in sun and a unique holiday atmosphere.
Spanish, Portuguese and American influences have made all these places a mix of cultures, attitudes, culinary marvels and dancing styles that will sweep you away in a different way every time you leave the ship for an excursion.

Discover here all possible itineraries 
Whichever corner of the world  inspires you most, hurry now and ensure your best ever possible summer 2018 

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