Wonderful landscapes and beautiful towns; next summer, Northern Europe will have much more to offer to you. And with our MSC cruises you’ll really make the most of your northern experience. 

Different sceneries, different cultures and different heritages have influenced the landscape, the cities and the people in such a way that many find these destinations incredibly interesting and stimulating, offering a mix of sensations that go from tranquil to vibrant at the same time.
The many destinations and itineraries available to you, as you can read in the following articles, will take you from the Atlantic coast of Portugal beyond the Arctic Circle, for adventure, shopping, museums and gastronomic wonders.
This is why we are proud to announce some great news regarding next summer 2018.

Four of our ships will sail to the marvellous destinations of the North:

MSC Meraviglia will be sailing the seas of the North for the first time. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to be among the first to discover Northern Europe with it. It will sail from coasts of Germany and United Kindom to Iceland, passing by Fjords and Baltic Capitals.
Also we are proud to have expanded our reach to new ports of call, like Leixos in Portugal and Le Verdon-sur-mer near the delightful town of Bordeaux in France. In addition, two old favourite departure ports from the past have also been revisited: Newcastle in the United Kingdom and Bilbao in Spain. You can visit them with MSC Magnifica.

MSC Preziosa and MSC Orchestra will go through Norwegian Fjords and Baltic Capitals, departing from Germany and Denmark

And to make your cruise even more of a pleasure, MSC Cruises offers you customisable packages that will help you organise your trip and take advantage of some unmissable offers on flights, transfers, hotels, mealtime drinks, excursions and much more.
To get to your cruise we have packages that can include your flight, car park and airport transfers. We can even arrange up to 3 nights in a hotel in some of the departure port towns should you wish to visit them, before or after your cruise. These packages are not only a way of saving on these additional services, but they also take your mind off having to organise them yourself, leaving it to us to coordinate dates and times.
And don’t miss out on our Excursion packages. Our specialised guides have put together various options for all ports of call, allowing you to choose the one most suited for you. Explore the excursions offers to ensure you won’t miss out on the sights you’ll want to see.
Anchors away!