From June to September 2018, MSC Opera will give you a unique outlook on the Mediterranean. Departing from Livorno, an amazing 8day/7night cruise will take you to the most diverse locations of the northern Mediterranean, giving you a taste of laid-back lifestyles and frantic nightlife, all in one vacation.
The cruise will then take you on to Genoa, a vibrant and eclectic port town with centuries of history and tradition along its waterfront and tiny back streets. Next, Marseille, one of France’s most colourful towns, close enough to also visit Axe-en-Provence.
Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza are two islands that are close geographically but at extremes in what they offer. The first is tranquil and adorned by one of the most impressive Cathedrals overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The second will welcome you to its sunset locations and bustling nightlife.
Last, but by no means least, Olbia on Sardinia’s Emerald Coast.
As this is just one of many itineraries you can choose in the Mediterranean, find out your favourite by clicking here.
Or if you prefer to explore the other side of Europe, why not go North.
Northern Europe is becoming more and more popular as a cruise location. So much so we have programmed more and even bigger cruise ships to satisfy all who want to visit its wonders.
Our northern fleet has expanded and starting from 2018, it comprises the fabulous MSC Meraviglia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Orchestra and MSC Preziosa. All offering the best on-board accommodation, service, catering and amusement available today.
The charm of the Cities and sites of the North have nothing to envy to those of the Mediterranean. Completely different settings that you can visit by following the itinerary of your choice can take you from the Atlantic coast of northern Spain right up to Svalbard Island on the edges of the Polar Cap well beyond the Arctic Circle.
Fjords, Northern Lights, uncontaminated landscapes, unique recipes, calm and tranquility are some of the characteristics that attract most visitors to this part of Europe.
The British Isles, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and some of Russia’s most interesting cities, are just some of the locations we can take you to.
You will also be able to visit some of the most fascinating cities in the world, like Hamburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tallinn and St. Petersburg and small, picturesque hamlets such as Warnemünde in Germany and Stavanger and Molde in Norway, just to mention a few.
Or sail all the way to the mythical Cape North, separated from the North Pole only by the Svalbard Islands, in the Arctic Sea.
The North is waiting for you in 2018. Now it’s time to choose the cruise and the ship that most suites your sense of adventure and luxury.
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