MSC Cruises constantly works in order to deliver our guests a more exciting and relaxing cruise experience. 

As part of the enhanced guest experience offered by our upcoming new ships, MSC Cruises presents a new personalized and user-friendly dining style.


The dining arrangements are designed for relaxed, sophisticated meals, whichever MSC Experience you have booked. There are three exceptional dining styles, each offers a differing level of flexibility and choice. Whichever is yours, our welcoming teams are on hand to ensure your dining experience is a delightful one. Read all the advantages of the NEW DINING booking service available on all new ships in advance.  

Guests booking Fantastica Experience can plan their dining arrangements in advance by giving a choice between Classic (first or second sitting) or Flexi (early or late) dining style.

Classic is a fixed two-sittings dining style. Flexi dining will give the chance to choose among different time slots which they can then apply according to availability, ensuring a smooth and varied dining experience.

An initial choice of time range should be made when booking through the website or your travel agent. Fantastica Guests can switch dining style after booking. Starting from 60 days to 48 hours before departure, Guests have to register their accurate time slot selection, among those available. 

Guests booking Bella Experience will state a Flexi (early or late) sitting preference and will be assigned a restaurant and a time slot once on board, although we do our best to accommodate stated preferences.

Changes can then be made on board, changing once from Flexi to Classic or from Classic to Flexi, or change Flexi timeslot on a daily basis, before 4,00 PM, based on availability. Fantastica Guests will have priority on changes.

Changes will allow you to coordinate dining times with new found friends, or to adapt your dining schedule to activities or excursions you may decide to join. 

The service will be available on all our new ships, MSC Meraviglia from June 2017, MSC Seaside from December 2017 and MSC Seaview from June 2018.

Discover all the advantages and details of the NEW DINING service from your travel agent or by visiting our MSC Cruises site!