A gift to the children of Malawi arrives at its destination

In 2009, MSC for UNICEF launched a global partnership “Get on board for Children” which has raised until now over $7 million to date thanks to the generosity of MSC’s guests. 
The partnership has gone from strength to strength, and on the 19th August 2017, an extraordinary mission coordinated by companies across the MSC Group was completed, bringing concrete support to disaster-hit communities in Malawi. 
MSC representatives were joined by Malawi government officials, members of the local community and UNICEF Switzerland, at a ceremony to mark the opening of six MSC containers brim-full of donated essential supplies. 

Malawi is currently suffering its worst food insecurity and nutrition emergency in over a decade, with 2.8 million people affected. In response, MSC set itself the goal of treating severe acute malnutrition in 100,000 children under the age of five by December 2018. 
The company looks set to meet this ambition, with the partnership having already delivered over two million sachets of lifesaving ready-to-use therapeutic foods to thousands of children across Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia and Malawi. 
One of these foods is Plumpy’Nut, a highly-fortified peanut-based food that’s ready to be eaten direct from the sachet without cooking or adding water, so it can be given to children in any situation. Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods are, where possible, made in their country of need using regional crops. This provides a double stimulus to the local economy, bringing empowerment and hope to the community. The relief program has also been supporting families with medical monitoring, nutrition and health counselling in their communities.  

MSC Cruises visited several of the 25 emergency districts in Malawi assisted by the programme. Meeting with members of these communities was a humbling and inspiring experience, seeing the work of the international organisations in the field and the difficulties that are being experienced due to a critical lack of essential supplies. 
MSC Cruises felt it had to do something more to help so, alongside contributing to efforts to address food insecurity, MSC brought concrete aid to Malawi in the form of mattresses, bed sheets, paediatric bowls and spoons, toys and puppets for hospitals, chalkboards, pencils and drawing books for schools, farming tools, bicycles, cooking pots and even the footballs that one particular community’s children had touchingly requested. 

The initiative brought us together with all our generous guests, companies across the MSC Group and a number of MSC Cruises’ closest supplier partners. We’re proud to make a concrete difference with the delivery of these essential supplies, assisting the brave and resilient target communities to rebuild their lives. 
We love having children on board, but for those less fortunate, we can help give children in Malawi a better life. 
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