MSC Yacht Club: indulgence of a different class 

MSC Cruises ships are distinctive in a whole number of ways. 

Luxury, however, is always the best means of telling us apart from the rest. 
From swimming pools to gyms, entertainment to pure service, anyone who has been cruising with MSC Cruises knows just how seriously we take our guests’ experiences. As always, we’re looking to develop new ways to offer the best, which is why we suggest you to try the MSC Yacht Club

It’s the exclusive way to explore the world in total luxury. So sit back, relax, and find out just what the MSC Yacht Club could have in store for you. 

MSC Yacht Club is a ship within a ship – a unique offering prizing exceptionality, privacy, and of course, opulence. 
You’ll begin your Yacht Club experience with a greeting from your butler, on hand around the clock to see to your every need. From embarkation to departure, your first breakfast to your last cocktail, you can be sure of never wanting for a thing.    

When sleep descends, there could be no better place than in your Yacht Club suite to drift off. Lavishly appointed rooms, with Egyptian cotton sheets, a memory foam matress and a choice of pillows provide just the environment for a truly perfect night’s rest. Wake up to the sun rising over the ocean, pouring through your panoramic window or onto your private balcony. 
Step out of your room and witness a new class of cruising as a Yacht Club guest.  Our superlative, dedicated and private restaurant will demonstrate just what MSC cuisine has to offer. With dishes to suit every palate, from healthy to plain decadent, you’ll of course be treated to a complimentary drink with every meal.  And, when you’re not enjoying the culinary spread the Yacht club offers, treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience, from aromatherapy to a Balinese Massage. 

Indulgence, of course, isn’t limited to rest and relaxation. Shop ‘til you drop in our onboard boutiques, accompanied by your butler. You can even book a private jewellery viewing, and acquire a gift to remember your experience by. 
Immerse yourself in cultures across the world with our tailor-made shore excursions, enabling you to explore the world in style, luxury and comfort. We’ll offer you individualised advice from our butlers and Concierge staff, who will be able to help with your onshore needs as well as your offshore desires. 
You can enjoy MSC Yacht Club experience onboard our Fantasia class and on Seaside and Meraviglia generations' ships.
The MSC Yacht Club is your ticket. A ticket to luxury hitherto never experienced aboard our ships. So go the extra mile on your next adventure, and join the many others in their pursuit of the perfect cruise. 
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