There is no better way to explore and discover the port towns you’ll be visiting than by booking our specialised tours, with professional guides to reveal all of their secrets.

The destinations you can go to are almost infinite and so are the ways in which you could visit them thanks to our organised MSC Shore Excursions.
You can pre-book them before the cruise or purchase them at our Excursion-desks onboard our ships

Depending on the location you’ll visit, there are 8 different excursion categories designed to suit the different requirements of all our guests.

Active and Adventure” excursions are especially programmed for those guests looking to practice sport, offering a fun range of activities like trekking, snorkeling, kayak and 4x4 vehicle adventures.

City Tours” are an interesting way to get to know the cities you visit, with guided tours to soak up the local scenery with a comfortable coach ride.
Culture & History” excursions offer an in-depth and specific chance to discover artistic and cultural aspects of your destination, with visits to must-see locations and guided tours of key sites.

Scenic Routes” allow you to admire your destinations in total comfort, with a coach tour that will take you to the best views and main places of interest, allowing you to make lots of discoveries while taking it easy.

Family Fun” excursions are perfect to take your children on a journey of discovery, with a special programme for kids. They’re the perfect family outing.

Natural Wonders is the ideal way to immerse yourself in nature and discover the fascinating flora and fauna of your destination. This kind of excursions is your passport to the wonders of the natural world.

Something Special” are particular excursions to pursue existing interests and develop new ones; from gastronomic tours and guided shopping trips to religious visits, there’s a world of pastimes and passions to explore.

Sea & Sun” for sea and sun lovers. They’re true holiday excursions so you can treat yourself to some pure relaxation, basking on a beautiful beach or enjoying the stunning views on a scenic boat trip.
Discover here all the excursions!

And to plan a tailored excursion, do not forget our brand new and exclusive MSC Port Info service, a one-stop destination support service.

The MSC Port Info desk will aid you in making the very most of every destination by offering detailed information on what to see, where to eat, where to visit and how to get there. The desk will also help book local transportation such as train tickets, taxis or car hire to get you where you want to go. This service debuted on board MSC Meraviglia, with plans to extend the service onto all MSC Cruises’ ships. 

So, before you leave don’t forget to book the excursions you would most like to go to, and when on board discover all the advantages of our MSC Port Info service.