Calling all parents!  Our new Kids Locator Service now available on MSC Seaside

Wondering what a true 21st-century cruise ship looks like?
MSC’s new onboard technology, MSC for Me, goes beyond what you might imagine smart cruising to be. It’s now available on MSC Seaside, as well as it is being rolled out to more of the MSC fleet over the coming years too.
On MSC Seaside, MSC for Me also features the Kids Locator Service. It works on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, allowing parents to locate their kids on the ship map covered areas through the MSC for ME app, no matter where they are on board.
Allowing all the family to have a great holiday
Warm, caring service is already central to any MSC Cruises experience, but through the use of industry-leading technologies that enhance the art of hospitality, MSC can make your cruise just that extra bit special.

Got different plans to your 8-year-old? There’s no need to compromise any more... Your children can be off bowling, practicing their LEGO craftsmanship or hurtling down a 112-metre water slide aboard MSC Seaside whilst you admire master chocolatiers at the Venchi Cioccogelateria & Coffee Bar or take in views of the oceans from the spa.
Children under 12 will be provided with a free digital wristband that can be activated for only $18 per child per cruise to enable location tracking. A special family package is coming soon too.
Children from 12 to 17 years can be provided with a digital wristband if parents specifically request the activation of the Kids Locator Service at the Kids Club.
The full possibilities of MSC for Me
The Kids Locator Service is only one of the innovative services enabled by MSC for Me.
The onboard technology provides an enjoyable, functional and seamless Guest experience to explore the ship, get in touch with other Guests and crew whenever they want or need to. Guests can use the interactive ship map and navigation tools to help find their cabin, nearest elevator and points of interest. In addition, MSC for Me allows guests to book speciality restaurants remotely, as well as excursions, appointments in the MSC Aurea Spa, theatre shows and lots more. The MSC for Me programme provides guests with a Personal Agenda to manage all activities, events and bookings, and reminds them of any activities they may have reserved. 

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