In 2018, MSC Cruises will break ground in one of the most astonishing, varied and beautiful countries in the world, Japan, where traditions that have enriched culture for centuries meet cutting edge technologies of the future. 

From single-dish, traditional restaurants, to 24-hour buzzing nightlife, Japanese cities have it all.  Whilst these vibrant urban spaces are perfect for picking up on the latest trends and technological advancements, they’re not all about the hustle-and-bustle. Whether you’re watching a traditional arts performance, or just sitting back and admiring the cherry blossom, there really is something for everyone.
You can choose between different itineraries, we’ve got a journey to fit any schedule.
But whether it’s under five days or over thirty, expect an unbeatable experience aboard the MSC Splendida, one of our beautiful ships, with luxury and comfort every step of the way. 

Find here below some samples:
Recharge and spend a blissful four days with us in May 2018. We’ll be setting out from the airy and irresistible Yokohama, renowned for its tree-lined, uncrowded streets and quality dining. You can take a trip to the Cup Noodles Museum, or visit the Yokohama Museum of Art for a restorative dose of culture. We set sail across the Pacific Ocean and end in Shanghai. Alongside luxury boutiques, treat yourself to quirky pop-ups and the newest generation of designer outlets. 

Dive deeper on a nine day journey in August 2018 through some of Japan’s most memorable cities. Immerse yourself in a completely unique cultural experience, anchoring in the centre of Aomori’s famous Nebuta Festival. Expect dancing in the streets, with the tradition of ancient warriors at its heart. Travel to Sendai, a city famed for its festivals, shrines and castles. Visit the Rinnoji Temple to see an ornate garden like no other, or the Momoyama Period Zuihoden nestled amongst the cedar trees. A historical and cultural delight, Sendai will offer a clean break from the urbanised and busy Japanese cities of lore. We end by returning to Yokohama in style, with new memories of a Japanese adventure. 

For those with wanderlust for an adventure like no other, MSC Splendida sets sail  Grand Voyage in November 2018 for an indulgent 30 days; a month of travel, including visits, amongst others, to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Oman and the UAE. And at the end of March 2019 the Grand Voyage depart again from UAE with 28 days those let you discover Oman, India, Malaysia and Viet-nam. The list goes on.  

Among these locations, MSC Splendida will land in Okinawa for the first time. Deserving of its fame, the Okinawa Islands come as close as possible to showcasing Japan’s beauty, both natural and man-made.  See castles and the UNESCO-protected Shikinaen Garden; or visit Okinawa’s Peace Memorial Park. Top it all off with a first-rate shopping trip, before setting sail toward new experiences. 

Check here all Japan itineraries. Enjoy this breath-taking journey in a manner afforded only aboard MSC Splendida. From theatres to spas, squash courts to outdoor pools, MSC Splendida is equipped to offer the highest quality activities to its guests. With so much aboard, every day will bring new experiences for travellers to explore.  

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