With MSC Cruises, Cuba is only the beginning of your Caribbean cruise. You will also enjoy the life and sights of Mexico, Honduras and Jamaica.
You can chose the season in which to visit, and which of the two itineraries you prefer. Or, why not, combine them in a fantastic two-week experience.
You will be amazed by our two resident cruise ships. MSC OPERA, touring the Caribbean all summer long to mid-March 2018, and MSC ARMONIA, from 22 November on.
Make the most of all the white beaches with crystal clear waters and deep green lush vegetation. You will also love the memories of our inland excursions, designed for you to enjoy the relaxed local atmosphere accompanied by sensual music, delicious food and breathtaking sites.
From the comfort and luxury of our cruise ships, you can easily immerse yourself in the Historical towns of Havana ViejaCienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, bask in the sun on the white beaches of Cayo Largo and Varadero, visit the tobacco plantations in the Viñales Valley and in the Pinar del Rio province or experience the coffee plantations around Las Terrazas.
Once away from Havana, one itinerary will sail to the Isla de Roatan in Honduras, to the brand new port of Belize City, then on to Costa Maya in Mexico and the Isla de la Juventud in Cuba before setting anchor again in Havana. 
The second itinerary begins with two nights in Havana before setting sail for Montego Bay in Jamaica. After a day in Georgetown at the Cayman Islands and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in Cozumel the ship will sail back to the Cuban capital where you’ll be able to enjoy once more its fascinating atmosphere.
And don’t forget, if you can’t make your mind up on which itinerary to choose, why not go for both and live a two week lifetime dream.  
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