See beaches, town, villages and even Havana, from a different point of view.
Approaching a destination from the air or slowly sailing into a port on a top class cruise ship, are two very different sensations. So why not experience both?
Fly to Cuba and begin a dream Caribbean cruise aboard our amazing MSC Opera, which will be sailing in the Caribbean all year round, starting this summer.
The first day in Havana will immerse you in a vintage atmosphere of sounds, flavours and colours that have been enclosed in a time capsule since the revolution.
Bars, cars, restaurants and shops are almost exactly as they were left by the Americans when they left over 50 years ago. You can see and visit them for a whole day before returning to the comfort of your ship and sailing off each Saturday for seven days of heaven, or even 15 days should you wish to combine two different cruise itineraries.
Montego Bay, along the northwest coast of Jamaica will be your first stop. There you’ll be able to choose between a stroll along Gloucester Avenue, the “hip strip” dotted with cafes and bars, or venture to the local Court House or the colourful Craft Market, where it will impossible to leave without buying a souvenir or two. Or you may want to just float pleasantly on wooden rafts along the emerald-coloured Marta Brae River. And should you want to sprawl on the sand we will take you to the Doctor’s Cave, perhaps the most famous beach on these shores.
Your next stop will be the Cayman Islands, home to ancient and not so ancient treasures. Georgetown will surprise you with everything from a pleasant climate to curious museums. Immerse yourself in nature, comfort and local flavours. From the sightings of rare blue iguanas to Mission House historical building and restaurants offering traditional recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy all the many aspects of this unique Caribbean island.
For a total change of scenery and historical background we will then sail you to Mexico, to the exclusive island of Cozumel off the Yucatan peninsula. San Miguel will greet you with restaurants, souvenir shops and jewellery stores, all along the malecón, as the locals call the main city street. You can even venture off with one of our many excursions and visit Maya ruins or spot tropical birds.
Returning to Havana you’ll have an experience everyone recommends, visiting it for a second time. They say that when you are already familiar with a location you will live it in a different manner. This is very true of Havana.
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