From Le Havre to the four corners of the globe

Before it sees the open water and brings unforgettable memories to thousands of delighted passengers, a ship as large as an MSC cruise vessel enjoys a long and often untold story involving hundreds of shipbuilders as it slowly comes to life.
An important chapter in this story is the Coin Ceremony, held when the keel of the ship is laid and the start of construction is formally recognized in the presence of dignitaries and government officials. From this moment on, the vessel takes shape and starts its final journey towards being launched and finally commissioned.
On the 1st February 2016 at the STX shipyard in Le Havre in the north of France, the traditional centuries-old Coin Ceremony was once again held to celebrate the start of a new journey for MSC Meraviglia, the second-largest passenger ship to be christened in the beautiful UNESCO-listed port and which is scheduled to come into service in June 2017.
During the ceremony, which was held in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Sector, Mr Emmanuel Macron, and the Mayor of Le Havre, Mr Edouard Philippe, four lucky coins were placed into the Grand Chamber by Mariella Castellano, an employee of the Company and godmother of MSC Meraviglia to bless the ship and as a symbol of good fortune. These four coins were specially minted for the event: one for MSC Meraviglia, one for MSC Crociere, one for the city of Le Havre and one for STX shipyards.
However, the Coin Ceremony for MSC Meraviglia was not the only highlight of the day, as Pierfrancesco Vago, the Executive Chairman of the Company, took the opportunity to announce that MSC had commissioned the construction of an additional two next-generation Meraviglia-Plus ships as the new class of vessels is called.
At 331 metres long and with a total of 2,444 cabins, these extraordinary vessels are capable of accompanying up to 6,300 passengers on the holiday of their lives all year round, and will offer guests elegant, cutting-edge design, exceptional features as well as a classic and contemporary fine art museum at sea to allow our guests to discover world culture not only through our rich and varied itineraries but also onboard by experiencing masterpieces from around the globe.
These aren’t just any coins that bring just any good fortune to just any ship that travels on just any ocean on just any cruise. Because this is an MSC cruise.
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