At MSC Cruises we believe that everybody has the right to disconnect from the world in the way he or she wants,  but that doesn’t have to mean losing contact with the things and people you love most!
That’s why we are proud to announce that we  are introducing an extensive onboard wi-fi service on all of our cruises, which is a major technological advancement in the world of seafaring
Once on board, you’ll have the choice of three great-value internet packages , each tailored to different needs and available on either a "per day" or a "per cruise" basis.  

Are you a Social addicted? Social package is waiting for you! Or maybe you need to check your email and surf the web? In this case Surfer package is perfect for you!

With the Streamer package, instead, you will have full access to Internet contents. 

Discover all details of MSC internet packages clicking HERE
In addition, you could connect your devices in all cabins and in the ship’s public areas.
In this way, you could share each moment of your travel with who you want! 
The way we brought internet on board is itself a story worth telling, as it was no mean feat for the engineers involved. 
Everything takes place miles and miles above your head, in a spiderweb of satellites programmed to relay huge amounts of information from the ground to every possible spot in the ocean. 
This means you can keep an eye on the news, or perhaps make everyone jealous with your sea-view selfies. 

All the packages are available to book in advance and on some packages you will enjoy also an exclusive 20% more data! So why not reserve yours now to make sure you stay connected? 

Book your next MSC Cruise now and stay connected with world!